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Expert Live Support

Free remote support throughout the whole service life of your ultrasound system.

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Expert Live Support

Unlimited* remote support, whenever you need it

At GE HealthCare, we are committed to providing you with the best possible support. With your purchase of one of our ultrasound systems, you gain unlimited access to our Expert Live Support, a powerful remote service solution that gives you direct access to our technical and clinical experts.

Just connect your ultrasound system with InSite™ RSvP to get full access to remote monitoring, benefit of regular software and security updates and receive live support from our experts, whenever you need it.

Your benefits with Expert Live Support and InSite RSvP

Remote technical support

Thanks to remote access to your system, our technicians can help you for example with network configuration and troubleshoot technical issues immediately.

Remote clinical support

Do you need help configurating your system and find the right preset settings for your needs? Our clinical experts are happy to help!

Software updates

Benefit from automated regular software updates to help protect your patient data, avoid security threat and ensure you always have the latest software.

Remote monitoring

Connect your ultrasound device to InSite RSvP and benefit from constant monitoring of your system by GE HealthCare. So technical issues can be identified and solved at an early stage.

This is how it works

Remote support via Expert Live Support

Why you should connect your system to InSite RSvP

Save valuable time:

  • 30% of issues on an ultrasound system are repaired remotely and often 3 times quicker**
  • If your ultrasound can not be repaired remotely, 90% of issues are resolved on the 1st visit.**
  • Minimizing downtime of your system thanks to fast access to GE HealthCare experts

Keep your ultrasound system up to date: 

  • With automated remote software updates
  • With the latest security features thanks to OS patches installed remotely
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Smartphone screen display the STAR app from GE HealthCare

Augmented Reality

Discover the STAR app

The STAR app is your central entry point for ultrasound education. Augmented reality features and video tutorials help you to get to know your new ultrasound system as easy and fast as possible.


* Depending on the country where you are located.
** Based on internal data from GE HealthCare.

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