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ViewPoint™ 6: Tailored to your medical specialty

The ideal image management and exam documentation system for your medical department.

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Ultrasound reporting adapted to your needs

Workflows tailored to your medical specialty

ViewPoint 6 is modular and can be adapted to the requirements of many medical departments. The software offers special workflows that are adapted to the needs of different medical specialties. In addition, the software provides a variety of report templates that are tailored to the needs of the individual departments.

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ViewPoint 6 for women's health


ViewPoint 6 helps you minimize administrative tasks and focus even more on patient care. Ultrasound images and measurements can be displayed in one view. Measurement data trends are shown in graphs of individually selectable authors. Settings can be synchronized with those of the ultrasound system. ViewPoint 6 uses diagnostic terminology developed in scientific cooperation with medical societies. With the integrated 4DView, 3D and 4D data from GE HealthCare's Voluson™ devices can be post-processed and saved.

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Sample of a gynecological report created with ViewPoint 6

Templates for women's health ultrasound


  • Early pregnancy
  • Ultrasound 1st trimester (including FMF risk assessment)¹
  • Ultrasound 2nd and 3rd trimester
  • Growth scan
  • Fetal wellbeing
  • Invasive procedures
  • Pregnancy outcome
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ViewPoint 6 for echocardiography¹

ViewPoint 6 combines efficient diagnosis and extensive measurement acquisition with image management tools. For example, GE HealthCare's EchoPAC™ is included, enabling you to post-process and store raw data from our Vivid™ ultrasound systems.

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    Sample of an echocardiography report created with ViewPoint 6


    1. Not available in all countries.

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