EchoPAC™ Connect*

Provides you with the flexibility you need to accommodate to the unique way you work, whether your department is equipped with a ViewPoint™ 6 server, Centricity™ PACS, or any 3rd party PACS vendor.⁴

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At a glance

Connect from anywhere

Access from any computer connected to your network, on-site, or remotely.¹


Visualize, measure, diagnose 2D and 3D images from multi-vendor fleets.

The power of EchoPAC Connect*

Vivid’s application in strain and 4D measurements, from routine to complex cases.

Seamless Experience

A single server update will maintain your entire EchoPAC connect* fleet.

You decide: Who. Where. When.

Connect from anywhere—at anytime—to any acquisition system.³

EchoPAC Connect* provides you with the flexibility to accommodate the unique way you work, whether your department is equipped with a GE HealthCare ViewPoint 6 server, Centricity PACS, or any 3rd party PACS vendor.⁴ Perform your measurements and diagnosis–using both 2D and 3D images–on-site or remotely, with the same excellent quality as on your acquisition consoles.

Multi-vendor³. Get the most out of your entire fleet.

With EchoPAC Connect,* you can enjoy a wide spectrum of 2D & 3D Vivid applications, from standard to most advanced measurements, regardless of which console was used to acquire your patients’ images.

Enjoy the proven robustness of AFI LV, usable on all images acquired in your department, from both, Vivid systems and non-GE HealthCare consoles.³

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Powered by AI. Elevated by you.

EchoPAC Connect* benefits from the latest AI-based technology introduced on Vivid Ultra Edition,** which helps reduce tedious tasks and improve workflow efficiency.

With Easy AFI LV, get in one click both, global and segmental strain as well as Ejection Fraction measurements. Measurements obtained in less than 15 seconds.²

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Advanced capabilities. So, you can explore further.

EchoPAC Connect* helps you dig deeper with a suite of advanced applications like MyoCardial Work—a unique tool that uses less load-dependent parameters than strain alone.

Efficiently tackle an increased workload. Conquer staffing challenges.

A familiar Vivid user interface enables faster staff ramp-up while the ergonomic workstation makes analysis and reporting more comfortable.

Having the flexibility to analyze images after the exam allows team members to focus on the patient at acquisition, which may help boost job satisfaction.

Seamless workflow integration—dongle free

Whether your department is equipped with a GE HealthCare ViewPoint 6 server, Centricity PACS, or any third-party PACS,⁴ the seamless integration of EchoPAC Connect* will simplify your everyday workflow.

Your EchoPAC Connect* is available at any time, from any computer, from anywhere¹ without the need to use a dongle. No more risk of losing it or wasting time and energy trying to find it in your department. Now you are free to focus your energy where it matters.

Peace of mind for your IT department

EchoPAC Connect* provides you with a seamless workflow experience thanks to a centralized server installation and DICOM server.

DICOM SR Measurement Transfer, including standard and custom measurement, allows seamless integration with GE HealthCare or other industry reporting systems and EMRs.⁴

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* EchoPAC Connect* is a marketing name for EchoPAC Plug-in (v206) combined with a GE HealthCare Host.

** Ultra Edition is not a product name, it refers to the 2022 release of the Vivid™ portfolio. All features or products may not be available in all markets. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

  1. For diagnostic use, in Citrix environment using Hospital IT network.
  2. Time to strain measurement result may vary with heart rate, frame rate, and Vivid system. Verification of performance done by GEHC clinical application specialists using the Vivid™ system (DOC2739637).
  3. EchoPAC Connect™ Plug-in provides basic and advanced viewing and quantitative analysis capabilities for 2D, 4D, and multi-dimensional ultrasound parametric images from the GE HealthCare Vivid™ family of scanners, DICOM® images, and 3D/4D from multi-vendor ultrasound fleet.
  4. Enabled by ViewPoint™ 6 Desktop integration.
  5. The Role of AI in Streamlining Echocardiography Quantification White Paper, KristinMcLeod and Jurica Sprem - JB20789XX.
  6. Based on results of a time and motion study conducted by GE “JB49055XX - CardiacAuto Doppler”; study results indicated time savings related to a productivity increase of up to ~8 on an annual basis for a facility per sonographer.

It is possible for several EchoPAC Connect™ Plug-in users to open the same patient records. However, only the first user will have access to all the features of EchoPAC Connect™ Plug-in. Other users will have read-only access to the patient records.

The behavior may change depending on the host in which EchoPAC Plug-in is integrated.

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