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Device connection with ViewPoint™ 6

GE HealthCare's ultrasound reporting software connects to a variety of medical devices.

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Your advantages of device connectivity

One System

Connect your ultrasound devices in one single system.


Digitize your medical modalities.

Central administration

Central administration of device connections.

Direct integration of medical devices

ViewPoint 6 is the ideal link between medical devices and IT

Depending on the indication, you perform different examinations and therapies, which must be fully and accurately documented in the patient record. ViewPoint 6 connects to a variety of medical devices including ultrasound systems and colposcopes to enable digital workflows for medical reporting.

System integration and device connectivity

Any digital image and report documentation is only as good as its smart integration into the daily medical workflow. For the software to be accepted by users, it must provide real added value. Only then hospitals and practices can benefit to the maximum. ViewPoint 6 provides various workflows that are adapted to the specific needs of hospitals and private practices – enabling you not only to save time, but also increasing the quality of patient care.

Infographic shows which systems and devices can be integrated into ViewPoint 6
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Connection of ultrasound systems with ViewPoint 6

You can integrate ultrasound systems from different manufacturers into ViewPoint 6. Measurement transfers are performed using the standardized DICOM® interface. ViewPoint 6 supports both stationary and mobile sonography devices and can automatically transfer images and videos (DICOM multiframes) from the connected ultrasound systems. Images and videos can be archived for long term in a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).

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ViewPoint 6 for endoscopes, colposcopes and laparoscopes¹

With ViewPoint 6, images and sequences from endoscopes, colposcopes and laparoscopes can be transferred directly to the patient's report. The conversion of analog sources is also possible via a DICOM®-box, as is the order-related documentation of the worklist.

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  1. Not available in all countries.

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