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Replace your current ultrasound system with Voluson, configure it accordingly to your needs and benefit from fast and advanced imaging capabilities combined with efficiency and security features.
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Pelvic health

Symptoms such as pelvic pain, post-menopausal bleeding, genitourinary dysfunction, and infertility can be confusing and concerning for your patients. Exceptional imaging and advanced analysis tools like Fibroid Mapping and SonoPelvicFloor 2.0 can provide clinical insights into gynecological health.

Fetal heart

Identifying fetal cardiac abnormalities earlier means you can intervene sooner, plan for delivery, and potentially improve outcomes. Voluson ultrasound systems provide progressive tools to help distinguish the tiniest structures with stunning clarity to detect critical answers faster.

Early pregnancy

Improving detection rates of chromosomal and structural anomalies in the earliest stages of development is critical for better decision making. With small anatomy, exposing
anomalies requires clear, high-resolution imaging and simplified assessment tools. With features like SonoNT and HDlive™ Studio, you can feel confident seeing even the tiniest detail.


* This special offer is not limited to Voluson systems only. Trade in value conditions will be dependent on type, model, age of system. Final value to be agreed on with the local GE HealthCare sales representative.

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