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Vivid™ S60N Ultra Edition

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At a glance

Precision and reproducibility

Use the advanced quantitative tools of Vivid S60N Ultra Edition* to improve echocardiographic imaging and achieve excellent reproducibility of your examination results.

Shorter examination times

Artificial intelligence algorithms reduce manual steps and help you improve the efficiency of your workflow through automated processes. For less clicks, high accuracy and optimal reproducibility.

DICOM® connection

Simplify your workflow: Vivid S60N allows you to process and analyze all clinical images using industry-standard DICOM® data and include them in your reporting system.

Exceptional processing power

Take advantage of our powerful cSound™ software beamformer, which uses artificial intelligence based on GE HealthCare's Edison™ platform.

Vivid S60N Ultra Edition

Achieve clinical excellence

The Vivid S60N is designed to provide you with uncompromised image quality, advanced visualization capabilities and easy measurements. A full suite of advanced and intuitive tools takes over tedious manual tasks and allows for precise and efficient quantification of heart function and valve anatomy. Thus having the potential to reduce inter-observer variability.

Vivid S60N Ultra Edition

Powered by artificial intelligence

Advanced probe technology

The combination of GE HealthCare's advanced XDclear™ probes with cSound beamformer technology enables you to acquire 2D ultrasound images with excellent contrast and high temporal and spatial resolution, even when examining difficult-to-scan patients.

Product Highlights

Intelligent design for perfect ergonomics

Front view of Vivid S60N ultrasound system
Adjustable 22" LCD monitor

Adjustable 22" LCD monitor

View your ultrasound images in ultra-high resolution and with excellent contrast.

Excellent operator interface

Excellent operator interface

Vivid S60N Ultra Edition comes with an adjustable control panel and is equipped with a 12" high-resolution LCD touch screen.

Silent and economical

Silent and economical

Silent fans and low heat dissipation ensure reduced power consumption and minimal background noise.

Battery-powered standby

Battery-powered standby

Always ready when you need it: Get your Vivid S60N up and running in a few seconds.

Exceptional mobility

Exceptional mobility

Lightweight and slim, the Vivid S60N Ultra Edition is easy to maneuver. With its four swivel casters you can easily move the Vivid S60N Ultra Edition wherever you need it.


* Ultra Edition is not a product name, it refers to the 2022 release of the Vivid portfolio.

Ultra fast. Ultra precise. Ultra efficient.

Improve diagnostic speed and accuracy

Artificial intelligence algorithms enable the Vivid S60N Ultra Edition* to reduce manual steps and help improve the efficiency of your workflow through automated processes. With automated Cardiac Auto-Doppler and 2D-LV measurements, you can speed up your examinations and achieve maximum reproducibility of examination results.

The Vivid S60N is designed specifically for your cardiac imaging needs, but also supports you in other clinical areas such as internal medicine and pediatrics.

Up to 80% fewer klicks¹ thanks to AI Auto Measure 2D

AI Auto Measure 2D semi-automatically measures left ventricle diameters from the parasternal long axis (PLAX). In this process, artificial intelligence algorithms recognize an end-diastolic and end-systolic image from an acquired parasternal long axis.

Clinical image captured using AI Cardiac Auto Doppler

Cardiac Auto Doppler with AI Auto Measure Spectrum Recognition

With the power of AI, a wide range of Doppler measurements can be completed with two clicks: Freeze – Measure. A Doppler trace and full set of associated measurements will instantly appear on the screen. So you will need up to 93% fewer keystrokes.²

EASY AFI LV with View Recognition

Easy AFI is the third generation of the 2D speckle tracking analysis tool for quantitative assessment of global and segmental myocardial function, which additionally detects the individual apical sectional planes fully automatically.

Through new AI-based detection algorithms, EASY AFI allows you to perform strain analysis without manual interaction. All you have to do is initiate the analysis and approve the results with one click – you will receive the results in only 15 seconds.³

Clinical image captured using EASY AFI with View Recognition
Clinical image captured using EASY AutoEF

EASY AutoEF: Results with just one click⁴

In addition to our AutoEF quantification tool, which already automatically recognises the necessary sections (4-chamber and 2-chamber view) and selects them for the calculation, you can now determine the EF without manual interaction using our AI-based Auto-ROI recognition algorithms. All you have to do is initiate the analysis and approve the results with just one click.


  1. The Role of AI in Streamlining Echocardiography Quantification White Paper, Kristin McLeod, Jurica Sprem JB20789XX.
  2. Based on results of time and motion study conducted by GE “JB49055XX - Cardiac Auto Doppler”; study results indicated time savings related productivity increase up to ~8 on an annual basis for a facility per sonographer.
  3. Time to strain measurement result may vary with heart rate, frame rate and Vivid system. Verification of performance done by GEHC clinical application specialists using Vivid system (DOC2739637)
  4. Easy AutoEF is restricted for use with adult TTE on GE Healthcare raw B-mode data loops of the LV. Easy AutoEF does not support left ventricles with septal bulge.

* Ultra Edition is not a product name, it refers to the 2022 release of the Vivid portfolio.

Dive into the world of Vivid S60N Ultra Edition*

In this section you will find valuable and detailed information on Vivid S60N and its features. Choose from brochures, whitepapers and case studies that offer you detailed insights into the functioning and application areas of our ultrasound system.


* Ultra Edition is not a product name, it refers to the 2022 release of the Vivid portfolio.

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