The Versana Active ultrasound system.

Versana Active™

The imaging capability of a console in a portable, lightweight package.

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At a glance


Exceptional imaging capability and intelligent automation features in a hand-carried, lightweight system.


Suitable for a wide range of applications such as abdominal, small parts, cardiac, vascular, and MSK exams.


Benefit from Versana Active´s handy laptop system and carry it with you to clinics and physician offices.

Comprehensive support

Benefit from GE HealthCare's service and support coverage to ensure a long life, high uptime and efficient patient throughput.

Versana Active

Advanced capability in a compact system

Versana Active delivers the imaging capability of a console in a hand-carried, lightweight package that enables you to actively take your system to your patients, on premises, or remote facilities. The reliable system brings the agility of a laptop unit with capability for attaching it to a cart. Adaptable to cover a broad range of everyday exams, it is easy to carry to clinics, offices, and beyond.

Versana Active

A complete solution

Care areas

General Imaging


Musculoskeletal (MSK)


Product Highlights

A portable system for comprehensive GP scanning

Front view of Versana Active ultrasound system added to an optional cart.
Automated image optimization

Automated image optimization

Use Whizz Dynamic Image Tuning to automatically optimize an image at the touch of a button, even as you move from one structure to another.

Automated workflows

Automated workflows

Create standardized protocols using Scan Assistant and easily perform follow-up exams with preset and archived scanning proceedings.

Outstanding flexibility

Outstanding flexibility

Lightweight and small-sized, the handy ultrasound system can be used where you need it. Perpetual battery life* gives you maximum flexibility.

Needle recognition

Needle recognition

Simplify biopsy procedures with technology that clarifies the exact position of the needle point.

Voice comments

Voice comments

Connect a microphone, select the appropriate icon on the Versana Active touchscreen and record comments for your later assessment of the ultrasound images.

An opportunity for growth

Versana Active is designed to scale to suit your practice needs today and in the future. Build your diagnostic confidence—and your patients' comfort and confidence in you—with a range of transducers and advanced applications. Additionally, Versana Active offers a team of experts to support during and after purchase, in-depth product instruction, plus remote or on-site technical, clinical and network support. It is a system that grows alongside you and your practice.

A female doctor is counseling her patient


* Available on Versana Active v1.5.

The handy ultrasound system

Potency of a complete ultrasound unit

The Versana Active ultrasound system delivers the imaging capabilities of a console unit in a handy laptop system. Suitable for a wide range of daily examinations, it gives you full flexibility to deliver your care where you need it.

Tools like B-Flow™ and B-Flow color for example provide a more intuitive representation of non-quantitative hemodynamics in vascular structures, while 3D/4D rendering provides exceptional anatomical realism and increased depth.

Dive into the world of Versana Active

In this section you will find valuable and detailed information on Versana Active and its features. Choose from brochures, whitepapers and case studies that offer you detailed insights into the functioning and application areas of our ultrasound system.

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