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Increase early detection of breast cancer and decrease mortality rates
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LOGIQ™ powered by AI

KOIOS is the first and only patented, proprietary, clinical decision support (DS)
software using AI and machine learning to help to categorize the lesion.
Clinically proven to improve patient outcomes and streamline workflow.

Pristina™ (2D and 3D Mammography)

Senographe Pristina sets a high bar for diagnostic confidence and performance,
leveraging the Senographe™ family’s widely recognized image quality.
Comfort for patients, confidence for technologists and clarity for radiologists.

Invenia™ ABUS 2.0

The automated ultrasound examination of the breast with Invenia ABUS offers
an increase in sensitivity when finding invasive breast cancer in the dense breast
tissue if ABUS is used in addition to mammography.


Increased breast cancer detection

Regular mammography screening exams can reduce breast cancer mortality for women between the ages of 50-69 years by up to 35%1,2,3. Adding ABUS to mammography screening can increase sensitivity by 57% when detecting breast cancer for women with dense breasts.

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Standardized examination procedure

ABUS allows repeatable examinations in 3D and standardized bilateral evaluations. AI on LOGIQ Ultrasound systems with semi-automated segmentation and measure assistant reduces the variability of lesions categorization.

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Assist in Surgical Treatment Planning

ABUS provides a full view of the breast depicting the extent of the lesion for a better surgical approach.

SonoBrightHD (CESM) offers high sensitivity imaging helping detect even the smallest lesions within the breasts.

2D Shear Wave Elastography on LOGIQ’s enables non-invasive assessment of lesion stiffness in breast.

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Improved follow-up precision

Invenia™ ABUS 2.0 speeds up the workflow and helps with easy side-by-side comparison.

Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound provides clear picture of tissue structure when there is a need for additional diagnosis.

The new Pristina image chain also helps reduce the exposure time in 2D with no compromiseonimage quality at low dose. Measurements taken on two SenographePristina systems consistently showed close to 30% exposure time reduction.

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