Elevating liver ultrasound

See and quantify liver disease in a single exam.

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Comprehensive solutions for liver disease management from screening to treatment monitoring


Solutions include high-quality imaging and non-invasive techniques like Ultrasound-Guided Attenuation Parameter for steatosis grading.

Diagnosis / Staging

A comprehensive package of solutions is available to support in the diagnosis and staging of liver disease including 2D Shear Wave Elastography, UGAP, Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound and Volume Navigation.


Real-time imaging, specialised probes for precise liver lesion treatment, enhanced identification via Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound, and heightened clinical confidence through Fusion Imaging.

Follow up

B-Mode detects liver texture changes, Flow Modes assess veins, 2D Shear Wave Elastography monitors fibrosis, UGAP tracks steatosis, Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound checks treatment outcomes, Fusion Imaging enables navigation, and Compare Assistant monitors progression.

Liver Ultrasound

Learn more to boost your confidence in the management of liver disease

LOGIQ Family

All LOGIQ ultrasound systems cover a broad range of clinical applications - from simple routine diagnostics to specialized treatments like contrast, elastography, invasive ultrasound, biopsies and volume navigation. The inherent versatility of LOGIQ ultrasound systems helps you to excel in a wide range of exams and to provide even better patient care.

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