Hand holding Vscan Air ultrasound system

Vscan Air™ handheld ultrasound

Versatile handheld ultrasound solutions for quick and convenient whole-body assessments with exceptional image quality.

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Vscan handheld ultrasound

Freedom and flexibility. Times two.

Vscan Air CL and Vscan Air SL set a new standard in handheld ultrasound — both flexible, wireless dual-probes deliver crystal clear images anytime, anywhere* in healthcare. Designed for the individual, ultra portable ultrasound is always with you — cordless, customizable, and intuitive.

Vscan Air CL: Clear images. Informed decisions.

Vscan Air CL is equipped with a curved array transducer and a linear array transducer. The system delivers exceptional images to support early assessments, monitor treatment, and help you quickly decide on next steps, saving your patients’ time with more accurate referrals and minimizing the need for costly and invasive imaging procedures.

A doctor is examining a pregnant woman with a Vscan Air ultrasound system
A doctor is performing an ultrasound exam at Point-of-Care with Vscan Air ultrasound system

Vscan Air SL: See more. Treat faster.

Vscan Air SL sets a new standard in handheld ultrasound: The flexible, wireless dual-probe uses sector and linear transducers equipped with equipped with XDclear™ technology to deliver crystal clear images anytime, anywhere and is especially suited for rapid cardiac and vascular assessments.


* The device has been verified for limited use outside of professional healthcare facilities. Use is restricted to environmental properties described in the user manual.

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