Voluson™ Expert 20

Go beyond the limits. Accelerate your momentum
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At a glance

Expand capabilities

Amplify imaging performance and simplify scanning with our most advanced architecture.

Refine clinical insights

Whether imaging early pregnancy, fetal heart, or pelvic structures: Voluson Expert 20 helps you uncover crucial answers with ease.

Accelerate efficiency

Save time, steps, and effort by leveraging AI, automation tools, and ergonomic design.

Exceed expectations

Experience more. More support. More Service. More future-focused support solutions.

Next-level imaging

Go beyond your limits

Voluson Expert 20 is the high quality, high performing ultrasound system you and your patients demand. It will help you discover life-changing answers with next-level imaging for faster assessment and diagnosis. Save valuable time with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation tools that help uncover new efficiencies at every step, taking advantage of future focused solutions.

Innovative Lyric Architecture

How can we make our best ultrasound even better? By developing a more powerful engine with the most advanced and adaptable features yet. Our Lyric Architecture allows for more data, resulting in higher spatial and contrast resolution and color sensitivity. It works in harmony with our specialized probe technology to extract more information at record speed. So you can deliver sharper and clearer images faster.

Clinical image of an abdominal ultrasound exam captured using HDlive Studio+

Product Highlights

Accelerate your efficiency

Respond probe activation

Respond probe activation

Work smarter with our new Respond feature: This workflow enhancer uses probe activation sensors to automatically initialize probes and presets when removed from the probe holder.

Voluson probe technology

Voluson probe technology

The combination of Lyric Architecture with Voluson probe technology allows for advanced imaging.

Contemporary design

Contemporary design

Experience a new level of efficiency with the highly intuitive Voluson Expert 20 ultrasound system.

Updates, upgrades and device protection

Updates, upgrades and device protection

Protect your ultrasound system from cyber-attacks with Voluson’s comprehensive SonoDefense solution. Easily download Operating System (OS) updates with eDelivery to keep your devices secure and running smoothly.

AI-based automation features

AI-based automation features

Leverage the power of AI and easy-to-use automation tools such as SonoLyst, SonoPelvicFloor or SonoCNS to streamline your clinical workflow.

Support excellence

A well-maintained ultrasound system improves your efficiency and allows you to deliver the best care to your patients. Leverage our entire ecosystem of support for peace of mind now — and in the future. Combined with a flexible service program, GE HealthCare partners with you to monitor and maintain your Voluson ultrasound systems, ensure quality and compliance, and train and inspire your staff.

Expand your imaging capabilities

Faster. Sharper. Clearer.

Generate spectacular 2D/3D and color Doppler images with increased penetration and stunning clarity to visualize critical details needed for diagnostic confidence. The Lyric Architecture unlocks new imaging and processing power and expands your imaging capabilities for years to come.

Dive into the world of Voluson Expert 20

In this section you will find valuable and detailed information on Voluson Expert 20 and its features. Choose from brochures, whitepapers and case studies that offer you detailed insights into the functioning and application areas of our ultrasound system.

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