Voluson™ E8 RSA Ultrasound System

Voluson™ E8 RSA

Handle women’s health exams efficiently with ease and precision.

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At a glance

Premium image quality

The powerful Radiance System Architecture provides faster processing speed and high frame rates, improving detail and contrast resolution.

Comprehensive fetal heart tools

Benefit from advanced tools to assess and monitor the fetal heart. For example, with fetalHQ you can assess size, shape and contractility from the 4-chamber view.

High performance XDclear™ probes

Achieve exceptional detail resolution with XDclear probe technology, offering extraordinary 2D imaging even in hard-to-scan patients.

AI-enhanced efficiency

Decrease exam complexity and streamline your workflow with easy-to-use automation tools including SonoCNS, an Edison™ AI application.

Voluson E8 RSA

Advanced features. Simplified workflow.

The Voluson E8 RSA ultrasound system is designed to keep pace with busy schedules, whether you are handling routine screening and examinations or focusing on your most complex cases. Achieve premium image quality and take advantage of Voluson E8 RSA's advanced capabilities to deliver exceptional care to your patients.

Product Highlights

Maximize efficiency with modern ergonomic design

Front view of the Voluson E8 ultrasound system
Excellent operator interface

Excellent operator interface

Voluson E8 RSA is equipped with a 23" high-resolution monitor and a large 12.1" touch panel with Voluson xTouch functionality. The 1-button control panel allows for quick and convenient up and down.

AI-based automation features

AI-based automation features

A wide range of automation algorithms and other ultra-modern features enable flexible and efficient workflows.

Advanced beamformer design

Advanced beamformer design

Equipped with a high-quality beamformer, Voluson E8 RSA allows you to deliver ultrasound images with enhanced contrast resolution.

One touch responsiveness

One touch responsiveness

The most commonly used scanning modes are available with a single keystroke.

Fast and secure data management

Fast and secure data management

Use the Voluson E8's state-of-the-art communication technologies to quickly exchange data with patients and colleagues, and to archive your images easily. The integrated barcode scanner allows you to transfer patient information quickly and easily.

For routine and complex exams

Advanced imaging technologies for diagnostic confidence

Voluson E8 RSA can help you stay at the forefront of innovation and deal with increasing patient volumes. The system's advanced beamformer design allows for enhanced contrast resolution, while the high-performance CPU guarantees fast processing speeds and frame rates. Thus you can confidently acquire the images you need, even in case of highly complex pathologies.

Dive into the world of Voluson E8 RSA

In this section you will find valuable and detailed information on Voluson E8 RSA and its features. Choose from brochures, whitepapers and case studies that offer you detailed insights into the functioning and application areas of our ultrasound system.

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