Voluson Expert 22

It’s more than you ever thought possible. And in your hands, there’s endless potential.

EARLY DETECTION Critical Answers Sooner

Discover complicated anomalies and pathologies with the Voluson Expert 22 ultrasound system, specifically designed for in-depth assessment of complicated anatomy. Pioneering first trimester, fetal cardiac, gynecological, and other pivotal technologies focus on early detection and intervention.


First Trimester Exams
Perform detailed exams with high-resolution imaging for early insights to fetal health

Fetal Heart Assessment
Detect, diagnose, and monitor with confidence using Radiant and fetalHQ

Pelvic Health
Provide your patients with faster answers thanks to AI-based automation tools

EARLY PREGNANCY ASSESSMENTSmall Anatomy. Fine Details. Timely Diagnosis.

Improving detection rates of chromosomal and structural anomalies in the earliest stages of development is critical for better decision making. Voluson Expert 22 offers clear, high-resolution imaging and simplified assessment tools to expose anomalies within small anatomy.

8-week pregnancy with HDlive Studio+
6-week pregnancy with HDlive Studio+ acquired with RIC6-12 probe
11-week fetal circulatory system with SlowflowHD and UltraHD
SonoNT (Nuchal Translucency) and SonoIT (Intracranial Translucency) on 13-week fetus
7-week embryo with HDlive Studio+
13-week fetal brain with UltraHD and Radiant

FETAL HEART EVALUATIONGet to the Heart of the Matter

Identify fetal heart abnormalities earlier, so you can intervene sooner, plan delivery and potentially improve outcomes. The Voluson Expert 22 offers a comprehensive solution with advanced tools to help distinguish the tiniest structures with stunning clarity – so you can provide answers to your patients faster.

DetectionAssess the fetal heart from the earliest development stages

Already in the first trimester, high-resolution 2D, 3D and 4D imaging offers you a highly detailed visualization of the fetal heart.

DiagnosisFind answers to your challenging fetal heart exams

Cutting-edge automation tools improve your diagnostic confidence – adding more clarity, more speed and more flexibility to your exams.

MonitoringAlways in view: fetal heart size, shape and contractility

Obtain additional data that help you make more informed decisions about maternal/fetal well-being and delivery planning.
"The Voluson Expert 22 is very helpful in evaluating the fetal heart. When using fetalHQ, one issue is clearly identifying the 4-chamber endocardial border. By using Radiant, it really clears up and identifies more accurately the endocardial border for tracing. The 2D image has improved dramatically making your fetalHQ assessment more accurate."

Dr. Greggory DeVore
Fetal Diagnostic Center - California

PELVIC HEALTHSimplifying Diagnosis
to Find Answers

Pelvic pain, post-menopausal bleeding, genitourinary dysfunction and infertility can be confusing and concerning for your patients – so it’s important for you to provide them with confident diagnosis fast. The exceptional imaging of the Voluson Expert 22 with advanced analysis tools and easy 3D technologies can provide clinical insights into the health of your patients' reproductive health.
IUD displayed with Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI)
Levator Hiatus measured with AI-based SonoPelvicFloor
Unicornuate uterus with HDlive Studio+
IUD displayed with Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI)
SonoAVC™follicle automatically calculates the number, dimensions, and volume of hypoechoic structures in a volume sweep

IUD with HDlive Studio+

CLINICAL IMAGESObstetrics Image Gallery

STIC Flow in a 18-week fetus

9-week fetus acquired with RIC6-12 and HDlive Studio+

16-week fetal abdomen using TUI (Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging)
Adorable 33-week fetal face with HDlive Studio+
Circle of Willis with Slowflow3D
Highly detailed 12-week fetus with UltraHD

CLINICAL IMAGESPelvic Health Image Gallery


Modern, yet familiar, the Voluson Expert 22 is the most intuitive and customizable ultra-premium ultrasound system by GE Healthcare. Equipped with a new generation of AI-based automation tools, Voluson Expert 22 helps to increase efficiency and accuracy in your daily diagnoses.


Artificial Intelligence
Reduce repetitive tasks and simplify exams with SonoLyst

Auto Probe Activation
Automatically initialize probes and presets with Respond

Contemporary Design
Sleek and modern with advanced ergonomics and familiar Voluson™ user interface

Personalized for You
Personalize user selectable controls and choose system colors to suit your mood

RESPONDJust Grab and Go

Work smarter with our new Respond feature: This workflow enhancer uses probe activation sensors to automatically initialize probes and presets when removed from the probe holder.

SONOLYSTYour Onboard Assistant

SonoLyst is your virtual on-board expert. The AI-based tool automatically identifies fetal anatomy on standard views. By further adding annotations and measurements SonoLyst improves your efficiency. To ensure quality and consistency of your exam, you can use SonoLyst to compare your acquired image or view to standard criteria.


Analysis of the pelvic floor anatomy can be complicated. Through AI, SonoPelvicFloor simplifies the exam process by automating plane alignment and measurements while offering workflow guidance. Thus, efficiency is improved and uncertainty eliminated.

SONOCNSBrain Power

The AI-based SonoCNS feature helps you to align and display recommended views and measurements of the fetal brain from a 3D volume. For consistent measurements and an efficient ultrasound workflow.

SONOBIOMETRYKeystroke Reduction

The intelligent SonoBiometry function helps to reduce the duration of fetal ultrasound exams. Keystrokes are reduced significantly by automatic caliper placement and automatized measurements bi-parietal diameter (BPD), head circumference (HC), abdominal circumference (AC), femur length (FL), humerus length (HL), lateral ventricle, cerebellum and cisterna magna.

"By using AI, we are pushing limits and enhancing diagnostic capabilities. At the same time, functionally making exams easier. The AI built into this machine is so far advanced compared to what we've seen before, and it's only a hint. It's our responsibility to push it even further by using it, by challenging it, and showing it makes a difference."

Dr. Lawrence Platt
Center for Fetal Medicine and Women’s Ultrasound - Los Angeles

DESIGNBuilt to Maximize Your Day

The Voluson Expert 22 is the perfect symphony of form and function. Combining the best features of our past systems with advanced ergonomics and customizable options, the Voluson Expert 22 is built to offer you maximum flexibility and efficient workflows in your daily routine.

A Modern Classic

While the Voluson Expert 22 is a true powerhouse that’s ready to perform, it’s also an attractive addition to your practice. The sophisticated design is sleek and modern — with a look and feel that are undeniably Voluson.

Familiar Workflow

The user interface incorporates the same intuitive functionalities as today’s smart devices with the familiar Voluson workflow for simple and seamless interactions.

The Bigger Picture

Work comfortably and see finer details effortlessly with the 23.8" high-definition ultrasound (HDU) monitor. This monitor offers three image sizes including the unique full screen imaging.

Customize your Workspace

Flexible configuration of hard keys and touch panel interface allows you to optimize the Voluson Expert 22 to your individual preferences.

Brighten Your Day

Personalize your Voluson Expert 22 by choosing the color of exterior lighting, trackball and hard and soft keys to suit your mood or company brand.

Antral follicle count with SonoAVCantral2.0
High-definition ovarian mass
Radiantflow shows blood flow around an ovarian mass
Detailed 2D uterus with Radiant applied
Fibroid clearly depicted in 3D with HDlive Studio+

SPECTACULAR IMAGING Find the Needle in the Haystack

How can we make our best ultrasound even better? By developing a more powerful engine with the most advanced and adaptable features yet.
Our Lyric Architecture allows for more data, resulting in higher spatial and contrast resolution and color sensitivity. It works in harmony with our specialized probe technology to extract more information at record speed. So you can deliver sharper and clearer images faster.


At a glance

Lyric Architecture
Discover new processing power for an unparalleled imaging quality

More Penetration & Details
Elevate 2D imaging even in difficult scanning conditions with UltraHD, Augment, and Radiant

Enhanced Volume Imaging
Deliver next generation 3D/4D & Color images with HDlive Studio+

Unique Probe Technology
Obtain high-resolution images with advanced probe technology by GE Healthcare, e.g. eM6C, RIC6-12, and RM7C

ADAPTIVE IQ CAPABILITIES Ultrasound for today and tomorrow

Future-proof your practice and enjoy the freedom to continuously unlock new imaging and processing features to obtain detailed, high-resolution images – even in challenging scanning conditions. The adaptive nature of the Lyric Architecture enables new imaging standards for years to come.

"I have the impression that I can do my diagnosis much faster, more detailed, and I get better images. A lot better images. Therefore, I can see anomalies or have the impression that I don't miss anything I might have missed some years ago."

Dr. Tilman Esser
Center for Prenatal Diagnostics - Munich

2D IMAGINGThe Ultimate Foundation

To uncover answers, you need as many details as you can get. The Voluson Expert 22 elevates 2D imaging with exceptional spatial and contrast resolution for border distinction and tissue differentiation. Utilize Radiant for more definition, UltraHD to see super fine details, and Augment to boost penetration – discovering the answers you seek.

ULTRAHDSuper fine details

Obtain highly detailed images of the fetal brain, first trimester development, and other complex anatomy with increased axial and lateral resolution.

AUGMENTSolve challenging scans

Use our augmentation feature to reduce noise and increase penetration for a stable, clean image, even with hard-to-scan patients such as those with high BMI.

RADIANTReach new heights in 2D

Change the levels of elevation and enhance border visibility with Radiant. The result is a more 3D-like appearance, which aids in crucial border differentiation in anatomy such as brain and fetal heart.


Seeing anatomy from another view can be the difference between delaying or making a confident diagnosis. The Voluson Expert 22 builds on GE Healthcare’s world class volume imaging to deliver the next generation 3D/4D imaging featuring our new HDlive Studio+.

Large fibroid highlighted with HDlive Studio+
IUD easily shown with Advanced VCI with OmniView
13-week fetus with HDlive Studio+
18-week fetus with scoliosis
8-week embryo with HDlive Studio+
25-week fetal brain with HDlive Studio+
"At the beginning, HDlive Silhouette was only able to see internal organs with liquid inside. But now, with HDlive Studio+, it's possible to use it for the bones and for tissue. We can look at the fetus with a complete transparency mode, and I really like to use it."

Prof. Bernard Benoit
Princess Grace Hospital - Monaco

DOPPLER IMAGINGBeyond Basic Blood Flow

Voluson is pushing imaging boundaries to make blood flow assessment faster and easier. Our advanced technologies, including Radiantflow™, Slowflow, and Radiant imaging, increase resolution and sensitivity in color and pulsed wave Doppler for unprecedented clarity.

Pulsed wave Doppler of 27-week pulmonary vein
16-week ductal arch with STIC HD-Flow™

Circulatory system of 9-week fetus

Uterus with Radiantflow
Stunning 23-week corpus callosum with Slowflow3D

24-week fetal heart with Radiantflow
"One feature that I absolutely love and cannot do without any more in my practice is Flow Profiles. It allows us to streamline the acquisition of very high-quality Doppler profiles from the different vascular and cardiac structures, making the image optimization very quick."

Dr. Elena Sinkovskaya
Eastern Virginia Medical School - Virginia

EM6C Electronic matrixMore information faster

Our curved electronic matrix probe delivers ultra-fast volume rates, flexible imaging formats and excellent resolution from routine exams to complex fetal echocardiography. Increase your productivity and get more out of the day.

RIC6-12 High frequencyEarlier than ever before

Confidently explore fetal anatomy in the earliest stages with the RIC6-12 probe. This high frequency probe provides high resolution and extremely detailed images, enabling you to detect and visualize anomalies in the first trimester.

C2-9 AND C1-6Simply stunning

Achieve exceptional tissue and detail resolution with our XDclear™ probes: C2-9 and C1-6. The combination of Single Crystal, Acoustic Amplification and Cool Stack technology offers extraordinary 2D imaging, even with hard-to-scan patients.

RM7C Volume MatrixSeeing is believing

From the first trimester to the third, our RM7C volume probe sets new standards in performance and image quality. XDclear technology provides exceptional 2D, 3D and 4D resolution and brilliant color sensitivity.
"I would say the image quality on the Voluson Expert 22 is superior. My favorite probe is the eM6C. I can do most examinations with it because it offers me many technical opportunities. I can move from Bi-Plane to Real-Time 4D to eSTIC. I can make all the diagnosis very clear and fast with very good quality. For me, it's a perfect system and probe."

Dr. Kai Heling
Center of Prenatal Diagnosis and Human Genetics - Berlin


Women’s health is your life and your legacy. Your focus is now, but you’re already envisioning what’s next – finding answers to complex questions that have yet to be asked. That’s why we created the Voluson Expert 22. For pioneers. For groundbreakers. Because like you, we don’t just hope for a healthier future for women. We insist on creating it.

"The Voluson Expert 22 is a masterpiece of engineering with the best 2D image from thin to difficult scanning patients. This machine also has the best ergonomy and is the most customizable system ever produced. It is the best ultrasound machine I have ever used."

Prof. Rabih Chaoui
Center of Prenatal Diagnosis and Human Genetics - Berlin

Imaging Reveal the invisible

The powerful, adaptive architecture of the Voluson Expert 22 combined with GE Healthcare’s unique probe technology will show you more than you ever thought possible. Get the answers you and your patients seek, provide life-changing diagnoses and shape the future of women's health.

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EARLY DETECTION Detect the undetectable

Thanks to advanced technology and unique features, you will be able to uncover critical answers sooner, discover key insights and simplify complex cases to speed up assessment, detection and diagnosis.

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WORKFLOW EFFICIENCY Achieve the unachievable

Leverage groundbreaking tools, including artificial intelligence and automation, to take the efficiency of everyday imaging to a new level – so you can keep pushing what is possible.

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Expect the Unexpected

Purchasing an ultrasound system is a long-term investment in your facility, your clinicians and your patients. Thus, GE offers various robust Lifecycle Solutions for your Voluson Expert 22, including remote support or regular probe maintenance.
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