Where will Vivid iq take you?

Innovations which assist you to master new challenges.

Vivid iq delivers a combination of portability and power which fits perfectly with your needs

Echo for adults, interventions, intensive care unit, emergency room, pediatrics … and in the practice of office-based doctors.

  • Portable: 10% lighter, 10% thinner than the previous model
  • Reliable: Robust, cleanable design
  • Easy to use: Intuitive touchscreen and fewer keystrokes
  • Convenient: Simple to use new cart for better management of accessories
  • Advanced: 4D TEE, ICE and other powerful technologies

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Vivid iq GE Ultraschall Kardiologie GE Ultraschallgerät Vollansicht Koffer

Vivid iq – Application areas

Vivid iq GE Ultraschall Kardiologie Echokardiografie bei Erwachsenen

Echocardiography for adults

Vivid iq GE Ultraschall Kardiologie interventionelle Ultraschall-Aufnahme

Interventional medicine

Vivid iq GE Ultraschall Kardiologie Intensivstation/Chest Pain Unit/OP

ICU/Chest Pain Unit/OR

Vivid iq GE Ultraschall Kardiologie Pädiatrie Ultraschall-Aufnahme


Interdisciplinary examinations

Interdisciplinary examinations pose a wide variety of challenges. Manage them with the help of diagnostic insights acquired via Vivid iq in areas including vascular, abdominal, OB/GYN and small-parts applications.

  • Virtual Convex – Extends the field of view when using linear probes.
  • B-Flow – Provides advanced spatial and temporal resolution to help assess blood flow and vessel wall structure without the limitations of a Doppler procedure.
  • Blood Flow Imaging – Provides enhanced visualization of blood flow dynamics using a signal-processing algorithm for separating blood flow signals from tissue signals.

Vivid iq – Design: as agile as you need to be

Vivid iq is a compact, yet powerful cardiovascular ultrasound. Carry it under your arm or push it on your cart with a multi-connector. The system additionally provides probes for all cases: from the echo laboratory to the OR, or from the hospital to a home visit.

Vivid iq GE Ultraschall Kardiologie GE Ultraschallgerät Vollansicht


  • Lightweight – 10% lighter and 10% thinner than the previous model
  • Closed design – enables splash-protected cleaning and disinfection (refer to the user manual)
  • Portable – up to 1-hour battery operation (fully charged) – Smart Standby


The newly designed cart was created to protect the Vivid iq console during transportation. The cart also enables a much better viewing angle with the increased height adjustments for scanning while standing or sitting.

  • Battery pack (up to 3 hours if fully charged)
  • 4 probe ports


  • 11 + (5) ICE2
  • Compatible
  • Broad selection


The Vivid iq was built to handle tough daily clinical demands, allowing you to fully concentrate on the patient and the imaging. We are so confident in our system that we are offering multi-year service (regions may vary, please check with your local representative).

We have designed the hard keys to have a sealed surface, allowing up to 10 ml of body fluids to be spilled and cleaned up with listed disinfectants (refer to the user manual). The new design has allowed for better probe insertion than before. We have also designed the ECG with improved protection. All of these new enhancements support improved reliability and robustness of Vivid iq.

Vivid iq – Connectivity

Vivid iq GE Ultraschall Kardiologie Konnektivität

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