LOGIQ Fortis™

Sleek, compact, and highly reliable: The new LOGIQ Fortis enables you to conduct a full spectrum of exams and procedures in multiple clinical settings.

At a glance: The strengths of LOGIQ Fortis ultrasound systems

AI-enhanced productivity tools
Use AI-based tools to improve productivity and enhance clinical confidence.

2D Shear Wave Elastography
Quantitative measure of tissue elasticity shown in color-coded elastograms.

SonoDefense security
Our multi-layer approach to cybersecurity and patient data privacy.

A to A digital platform
Add new features and advancements for your ultrasound systems as they become available.

Award-winning for compact and ergonomic design

The GE LOGIQ Fortis ultrasound is built to help users deliver on the promise of confident care in multiple clinical settings. Small and sleek enough to move to patients across departments and equipped with our most powerful technology, it is GE’s affordable all-in-one solution.

One of the most prestigious design competitions in the world, the iF Design Award has recognized design excellence worldwide since 1953.

Logiq P10

Clinical Images LOGIQ Fortis at work

Thyroid Micro Vascular Imaging with Radiantflow™, ML6-15-D

MSK Achilles B-Mode with Photo Assistant, ML6-15-D
Carotid Color Flow PW, L2-9-D
3D TUI Uterus IUD, RIC5-9-D

Color Flow and CW Doppler Mitral Valve, M5Sc-D
Liver 2D Shear Wave with Quality Indicator, C1-6-D

Your multi-purpose ultrasound systemEverything you expect in a LOGIQ™ system - streamlined and powerful

The new LOGIQ Fortis is your affordable all-in-one ultrasound solution. It combines state-of-the-art technology with optimal scalability.

POWERFULClinical expectations:

Equipped with next-generation imaging technologies, LOGIQ Fortis is your all-in-one ultrasound solution for whole body imaging.

Our powerful cSound™ architecture increases processing power and data throughput by combining XDclear™ transducers, cSound Imageformer and new, advanced Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) technology. This ultimately results in exceptional image quality, clarity and clinical confidence across a wide range of clinical applications.

Intelligent features such as the 2D Shear Wave Elastography, Measure Assistant and Radiantflow reduce the need for invasive procedures by providing additional, valuable data for informed decision making.

STREAMLINEDProductivity & workflow: optimized

Improve speed, ease and comfort of all your ultrasound exams – and deliver confident clinical diagnosis at the same time.

  • LOGIQ apps add next-level context to photos and enable you to control your ultrasound system remotely.
  • Scan on battery power and conduct exams anywhere.
  • Use ergonomic EZ-Imaging to increase efficiency and reduce your keystrokes.
  • Raw Data capabilities allow you to modify images after an exam.

With premium features and a sleek design, LOGIQ Fortis is your ultrasound solution for any patient – head to toe, obese to thin, neonate to geriatric, and across your facility.

MULTI-PURPOSEYour investment: maximized

Purchasing an ultrasound system is a long-term investment in your facility, your clinicians and your patients. Thus, GE offers various robust Lifecycle Solutions for your LOGIQ Fortis.

  • InSite™ for quick and efficient remote support whenever you need it.
  • iCenter™ provides you with detailed performance analytics.
  • The remote device management solution AVURI™ helps you to view, backup and deploy device configurations.
  • The A to A digital platform lets you add next-generation capabilities to your LOGIQ.
  • SonoDefense offers 24/7 protection against cyber threats and unauthorized access.

EZ ImagingLOGIQ’s solution to ergonomic scanning: Increase efficiency and consistency of your ultrasound exams.

With customizable probe presets and a simplified touch panel, EZ Imaging enhances workflow by reducing operator interaction and set-up time. For users, this resulted in 38% fewer total keystrokes and an overall satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5.

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What our users sayFast and intuitive: What physicians say about
EZ Imaging

"You didn't have to adjust any of the knobs, which was a positive. There was almost no manual adjustment."
Staff Sonographer (MFM outpatient clinic) 12 years' experience
"It would be quick to learn for current LOGIQ users and less steps once you transitioned, which would help with throughput."
Ultrasound Manager (Vascular OB/GYN) 30 years' experience
"It's a lot easier with the touchscreen and the changes where you don't have to hit the probe or another tab."
Staff Sonographer (Radiology department) 11 years' experience
"It's more intuitive, it saves a lot of plunking around and a lot of manual adjustments. It will result in a smoother, faster workflow with less button pushes - pretty sweet!"
Advanced Sonographer (OB/GYN Hospital & Clinic) 28 years' experience

YOUR MULTI-PURPOSE SYSTEMDesigned for whole body imaging

Abdominal imaging
Musculoskeletal imaging
Vascular imaging
Head & neck imaging
Pediatric imaging

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LOGIQ Fortis is part of the LOGIQ Ultrasound family, that is especially known for its amazing versatility. Areas of application include general and pediatric applications, urology and orthopedics, vascular and breast examinations, as well as surgical procedures in anesthesiology or examinations at the point of care.
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