LOGIQ E10 – Enables confident diagnosis for very different types of patients

The next-generation LOGIQ E10 system is leading the digital transformation in ultrasound empowering doctors to make a difference in the lives of their patients, from head to toe, independent of their age or body habitus.

LOGIQ E10 sets a new standard in imaging – advanced tools and enhanced workflow ergonomics so doctors can scan, diagnose, and treat a wide range of patients.

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The LOGIQ E10 – imaging at extraordinary pace and precision

Central to the system are XDclear probes and the new cSound Imageformer

The cSound Imageformer: This GE exclusive feature automatically and continuously delivers incredible uniformity from near to far field. The LOGIQ E10 ultrasound system acquires and reconstructs data in a similar way to an MRI or CT system, powered by an advanced graphics processing unit (GPU) with 48x the data throughput and 10x the processing power of our previous systems. There is no need to adjust the focus – the information you need is there, instantly. 

E-Series and new XDclear probes: Powerful high fidelity and broad bandwidth produce high resolution images whether scanning superficial or deep targets – or at any point in between. The LOGIQ E10 works with GE’s highest performing XDclear probes to address a wide range of clinical applications. Embedded volume navigation sensors in select probes simplify the workflow and enhance productivity for interventional procedures.

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The LOGIQ E10: Ultrasound for today, the platform for tomorrow

With the LOGIQ E10, doctors can acquire incredibly detailed images faster than ever before possible.

Its speed, consistency, and versatility in imaging enable high quality, efficient examinations across a wide variety of clinical applications – even in technically challenging cases, such as patients with high BMI or advanced disease.

Leveraging the power of its next-generation architecture and digital technologies, the LOGIQ E10 system empowers you to improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes, while still providing a platform for growth in the years ahead.

LOGIQ E10 – Empowering concise workflow

Big data, automation and analytics are altering the future of ultrasound. The LOGIQ E10 is designed to help your department take advantage of digital advancements to improve examination efficiency, user productivity, data security, and equipment utilisation.

At the console

  • Advanced ergonomics include easy-to-reach controls, an adjustable floating keyboard and a monitor equipped with a swivel arm to help speed up examinations and reduce the risk of work-related stress injuries.
  • Exceptional mobility is enhanced with Power Assistant, the on-board battery which keeps LOGIQ E10 booted up and ready to image even when moved to different locations. On-board storage ensures supplies are at hand.

In the examination room

  • Productivity and automatic measurement packages – such as Scan Assistant, Semi-Quantitative Flow Analysis, Breast, Thyroid and OB – help standardise examination quality while saving time.
  • GE raw data now capture twice the data and help shorten examination times by enabling image processing and quantification after the examination.

Across the department

  • Powerful data security features help assure HIPAA compliance, protect patient data, and guard against costly breaches.
  • Analytics tools provide visibility into utilisation to assist in equipment planning and placement.
  • On-demand training resources help new users become productive faster.
  • Remote Control App: Ability to operate the LOGIQ E10 from an Android tablet or smartphone.*
  • Photo Assistant App: An image is worth a thousand words. Acquire and send photographs of relevant anatomy – directly from an Android tablet or smartphone – to provide valuable context for documentation and comparison after a procedure.
  • Remote Expert Service with InSite™ enables remote diagnosis and remote repair to minimise workflow disruption.

*With the LOGIQ Smart App downloaded.

LOGIQ E10 – For precise diagnosis

Logiq P9 GE Ultraschall Allgemeine Bildgebung Leberschraegschnitt

Breast tissue with calcifications

Logiq P9 GE Ultraschall Allgemeine Bildgebung Mammazyste

Neonatal spine, B-mode

Logiq P9 GE Ultraschall Allgemeine Bildgebung Vierkammerblick

Dual image CF pancreas

Logiq P9 GE Ultraschall Allgemeine Bildgebung 3D-Abbildung

Ovarian mass 3D rendering with HDlive

Logiq P9 GE Ultraschall Allgemeine Bildgebung Schilddruesen-Elastographie

Carotid B-Flow

Logiq P9 GE Ultraschall Allgemeine Bildgebung Carotis Kommunis

AC joint PDI

LOGIQ E10 – Product Video

LOGIQ E10 – cSound Imageformer Video

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