Versana Family - budget-friendly ultrasound systems

Versana is a versatile and flexible ultrasound system. It has been designed to simplify your workflows, improve your clinical efficiency, support your daily work, and address your clinical challenges. The budget-friendly design makes professional ultrasound easy to use and easy to afford.

Versana Premier

Large selection of probes, exceptional image quality and detail with intuitive automated tools and ergonomic features for clinician and patient comfort.

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Versana Essential™

Care with Confidence.

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Versana Active™

Advanced. Capable. Adaptable.

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Versana Balance™

Competent. Efficient. Practical.

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Versana Essential

Versana Essential: Ultrasound for general practice

The budget-friendly Versana Essential™ ultrasound system combines quality, clinical performance and reliability. It is practical and easy to use and makes workflows simple. Versana Essential includes a diverse portfolio of ultrasound applications for general practice. The ultrasound system is easy to learn and comes with online tools such as Scan Coach and My Trainer.

Versana Essential: Ultrasound for obstetrics and gynecology

The Versana Essential ultrasound unit offers high-quality, reliable and affordable ultrasound for obstetrics and gynecology. It is practical and easy to maintain. The Versana Essential provides excellent image quality to support prenatal examinations with the details you need for reliable diagnoses. Numerous tools such as the Online-Scan Coach and My-Trainer, optional local ultrasound training* and our support team will assist you with the effective application of Versana Essential for obstetrics and gynecology. SonoBiometry, Whizz onetouch and dynamic image optimization help you perform high confidence ultrasound examinations in obstetrics and gynecology.

With Versana Essential ultrasound, we provide you with reliable service, our manufacturer's warranty and a flexible financing option. Enjoy working with a world-class and affordable ultrasound device.

*Local ultrasound training and financing offerings may vary by region. Please check with your local GE representative.
Versana Essential is not cleared or commercially available in the USA.

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Versana Premier

An ultrasound solution that enables you to make a solid diagnosis

The Versana Premier™ ultrasound system can help you deliver high-quality OB/GYN care, patient after patient, day after busy day. A wide variety of probes and clinical features specifically for OB/GYN lets you provide quick and comfortable exams, see clearly, and confidently diagnose a broad range of conditions.

Versana Premier delivers outstanding imaging power and clarity to boost diagnostic confidence. It helps you see clearly, differentiate between tissues, and delineate structure boundaries. You’ll enjoy proven functionalities as found on high-class GE Healthcare ultrasound systems.

Invest in Versana Premier and benefit from vast GE Healthcare expertise in OB/GYN ultrasound. It’s designed with you, your practice, and your patients in mind to meet your clinical, workflow and connectivity needs.

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Versana Club: Learn. Network. Share.

The Versana Club offers ultrasound training to help expand your sonography knowledge and improve your practice. Share images with your peers. Get web-based tutorials, product and service news, event announcements, and more.

Exclusively for club members:

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  • Access to a reserved member area (lounge) for congresses
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