Voluson S10 Expert – Your expertise. Enhanced by innovation.

Voluson S10 Expert goes one step further

Handling routine to complex cases, you develop a reputation for excellence in women’s health. The Voluson™ S10 Expert helps provide you more of what you need with advanced imaging capabilities, opening new pathways to clinical growth. With the powerful Voluson Core Architecture and access to expert clinical tools, this ultrasound system is as forward-thinking as your practice. Combined with proven innovation and true investment value, the Voluson S10 Expert will keep your practice at the forefront of women’s health and empower you to provide the best imaging for the care of your patients.

Join the expert class. Voluson S10 Expert is a highly innovative 3D/4D system, providing:

  • The highest resolution of diagnostics due to implementation of the C2-9-RS probe of our expert series

  • 2x speed of image reconstruction

  • HDLive™ Silhouette

  • With X-Touch, you gain access to the multi-touch functionality of the touchscreen. No need to manually rotate volume on the knobs or to cut with Magic-Cut using the mouse cursor, for example – comfortable handling of all tasks from the touch screen control panel

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Voluson S10 GE Ultraschallgerät Gynäkologie

Voluson S10 Expert: Advanced ergonomics – from panel to ports

10.1’’ touch panel

Simplifies workflow with the responsiveness of a PC tablet

Intuitive design

And TGC setting with a swipe. Activate functions with a touch. Easy and familiar

One button control

To adjust the control panel's vertical and horizontal position for optimal ergonomics


Automatically optimises depth compensation with one keystroke

Four active probe ports

Saving time with instant readiness of all connected probes

Voluson S10 GE Ultraschallgerät Gynäkologie AnschlüsseVoluson S10 GE Ultraschallgerät Gynäkologie Monitor

Voluson S10 Expert – The powerful Voluson Core Architecture

Expert imaging performance begins with Voluson Core Architecture

Foundation of all Voluson ‘s extraordinary images and performance

Utilizes common hardware and software elements across the entire Voluson portfolio

Expanded capabilities for increased image quality, frame rates, penetration = Radiance System Architecture .

Voluson S10 Expert - HDliveTM technology. Your Vision, New Perspectives.

Having more information can help enrich clinician-patient communication and facilitate a more complete understanding of exam results. Reveal a unique clinical perspective of fetal and female anatomy that brings unprecedented anatomical realism to surface, vascular, and internal structures. .


Select light target area, direction, and intensity to highlight depth perception and internal structures.

HDliveTM Silhouette

Dynamically apply targeted transparency to rendered structures for a more thorough view of anatomy from a solid surface structure to developing internal anatomy.

HDliveTM Flow

Display vascular structures and orientation with greater dimension and illumination.

Voluson S10 Expert - Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI)

Adjusts slice thickness on 3D or 4D images to help enhance contrast resolution with use of render techniques such as bone and tissue renderings. Can be applied in the acquisition plane (VCI-A), static 3D volumes, or OmniView.

Voluson S10 Expert – Connectivity

Communication is of key importance for a good physician-patient relation. With Voluson S10 Expert, sharing the findings with patients and colleagues is easy and secure. Spend less time on data management and more time with patients.

  • Streamlined archiving and reporting: helps you archive patient data efficiently, and stay compliant with ever increasing patient data regulations through DICOM® connectivity. Compatible with many electronic medical record systems (EMR)
  • Text or email images to patients directly from the console, for an instant connection which enhances patient satisfaction
  • Securely share encrypted images and reports with referring physicians and colleagues from the console
  • USB and DVD export is, of course, available as well

One of our powerful ViewPoint™ ultrasound data management solutions helps you streamline your workflow, giving you more time for your patient. Efficient digital interfaces provide you with freedom and flexibility, and improve archiving of images, volumes and structured reports.

Voluson S10 Expert – Focus on what is really important

Voluson S10 Expert helps you keep focus on what matters: your patients. User-oriented innovations take over routine tasks to streamline your workflow so that you have more time for connecting to your patients.

Increased productivity, enhanced workflow – more time for your patients:

SonoRenderlive Simplifies volume rendering by automating render-line placement in 3D and 4D imaging.

SonoVCAD™ heart (Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display heart) –By standardizing the orientation from a single volume or STIC acquisition, SonoVCADheart can automatically extract views recommended by societies.

SonoBiometry Performs semi-automated biometry measurements to help reduce keystrokes Measurements available: BPD, HC, AC, HL, and FL.

SonoNT™/SonoIT (Sonography-based Nuchal /Intracranial Translucency) – semi-automatic, standardized measurements of nuchal and intracranial translucency.

SonoAVC™ follicle (Sonography-based Automated Volume Count follicle) – Automatically calculates the number, dimensions, and volume of hypoechoic structures in a volume sweep to help monitor patient follicles faster.

SonoAVC™ antral Automatically counts the number of antral follicles in the ovary and helps categorize into user defined size groups.

Voluson S10 Expert: Featured probes

Benefit from impressive clarity, acquiring and displaying details with the latest probe technology. The Voluson S10 Expert supports a wide suite of various probes to optimally in order to fulfil all conceivable requirements as needed. Existing probes of previous model ranges also benefit from the advantages of the Radiance Architecture. Best possible image quality with usually only minimum tweaking required upon probe placement. The shape and light weight additionally increase comfort for you and your patient.

2D abdominal probes

C1-5-RS probe

Abdominal probe for excellent image quality and penetration when scanning larger patients

C2-9-RS probe

Utilize high frequency imaging for routine and detailed exams with the C2-9-RS – XDClear™ single-crystal transducer technology

3D/4D probes

RAB6-RS probe

Ultra-light volume probe that is 40% lighter compared to the RAB4-8-RS for comfort and up to a 40% increase in field-of-view for more vital information

RIC5A-9-RS probe

Wide band convex volume probe for 1st trimester and gynecological exams

Voluson S10 Expert: full probe list

  • C1-5-RS
  • 4C-RS
  • 8C-RS
  • IC9-RS
  • C2-9-RS
  • RAB6-RS
  • RIC5A-9-RS
  • 12S-RS
  • 3Sc-RS
  • 12L-RS
  • 9L-RS
  • ML6-15-RS

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