Proactive and personalized breast care

The automated ultrasound examination of the breast with Invenia ABUS offers doctors an increase in sensitivity when finding invasive breast cancer in the dense breast tissue if ABUS is used in addition to mammography.
The powerful technology produces a standardised, reproducible, user-independent and complete 3D representation of the breast.

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Invenia ABUS GE Ultraschallgerät Gynäkologie

Screening and diagnostics

Personalized breast cancer screening for patients with dense breast tissue

In normal mammography, more than 1/3 of breast cancer cases can be masked in patients with dense breast tissue.1 Invenia ABUS 2.0 is a patient-friendly, non-ionising examination method, which can be used in addition to mammography in women with dense breast tissue.

Around 40% of all women have dense breast tissue.2 The risk of breast cancer in these women is up to four to six times higher.3 Breast cancer in dense breast tissue can easily go undetected by mammography alone.

If ABUS is carried out in addition to mammography, an increase in sensitivity of 57%4  when detecting invasive breast cancer can be demonstrated.

In addition, the coronal plane represents an entire and complete view of the breast tissue. This global perspective clearly shows architectural distortions and multifocal diseases.

How does an examination work?

Invenia ABUS 2.0 offers automated volumetric 3D ultrasound scanning including image optimisation for an accurate and reproducible scanning, which can be effectively diagnosed by a doctor.

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Invenia ABUS GE Ultraschallgerät Gynäkologie Automatischer Brustultraschall

The ultrasound technology

  • Fast and effective screening workflow
  • Powerful imaging architecture using cSound™ Imageformer technology
  • Reproducible and standardised 3D volume scanning
  • Intelligent imaging algorithms
  • User-friendly touchscreen
  • Anatomically shaped, high-frequency transducer
  • Increased comfort for patients and operators
  • Efficient analysis and diagnosis
Invenia ABUS GE Ultraschallgerät Gynäkologie Ultraschallkopf

Fast and effective screening workflow in breast sonography

From its architecture to its pioneering imaging algorithms - designed for effective workflow integration. The ultrasound device is characterised by reproducibility, user friendliness and optimal patient and operator comfort.

Powerful imaging architecture

The imaging architecture enables exceptional performance and rapid breast imaging results by moving from hardware to software processing. CSound Imageformer technology captures significantly more data and uses it to create meaningful volumes with excellent image quality. The conventional parameters of hand-held ultrasound, such as focus zones and gain, are automatically optimised. Each pixel is therefore automatically in focus.

Invenia ABUS GE Ultraschallgerät Gynäkologie automatischer Brustultraschall im Einsatz

Intelligent imaging algorithms

Advanced algorithms with one button image optimisation delivers exceptional image quality and cross-operator reproducibility. The algorithms include: Tissue Equalisation, Nipple Shadow Compensation, Breast Border Detection and Chest Wall Detection. These algorithms all serve to minimise artefacts as much as possible so that the responsible physician can concentrate on the essentials: the anatomy.

User-friendly touchscreen

The high-resolution touchscreen of the ultrasound device with advanced PCT technology (Projective Capacitive Touch) ensures a simple and smooth workflow. And the ergonomic graphical user interface contributes to further optimisation. Simply tap the colour-highlighted symbols – and you can move intuitively through a breast ultrasound examination.

Invenia Abus GE Ultraschallgeraet Gynaekologie Schallkopf Groß

Reverse Curve™ Transducer

The high-frequency reverse curve ultrasound probe delivers excellent image quality. The probe is shaped to match a woman’s anatomy and thus enables complete coverage of the breast tissue. The consistent and homogeneous compression increases the examination comfort for the patient.

Invenia ABUS GE Ultraschall Gynäkologie Workstation

Efficient analysis and diagnosis

The images generated are sent to the ABUS Viewer, which is designed for a fast and effective workflow. A complete review takes only 3 minutes1- an enormous time saver for physicians, especially when compared to traditional breast ultrasound.
3D volumes are represented in the patented 2 mm coronary layer from the skin to the chest wall. The result: A diagnostic option that enables a quick and intuitive analysis even with difficult breast anatomy and pathology.

1 ARRS 2012 Breast Imaging: Screening/Emerging Technologies Oral Abstract; Radiologist Interpretation Time for 3D Automated Breast Ultrasound Screening, R. Brem

Mastery Education Program for physicians and technicians

The Mastery program uses progressive training techniques and is led by an experienced team of radiologists, as well as clinical application specialists. This program is designed to help rapidly build confidence in reading Invenia ABUS 2.0 images.

Training for physicians:

Individual tutorials and webinars are available in the online advanced training portal as well as an interactive and multimodal case processing (peer-to-peer) system for quick learning of an accurate interpretation and a consistent diagnosis method.

Training for technicians:

Individual coaching on ultrasound technology, anatomy, ABUS scanning and quality analysis.

Three-day training by an Advanced ABUS Application Specialist on site during the installation.

Invenia ABUS GE Ultraschallgerät Gynäkologie Schulung am Gerät

Implementation and marketing support:

Professionally developed digital marketing materials and personal support during the implementation phase support the holistic approach of the ABUS concept.

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