Versana Active

Handy ultrasound system

The Versana Active™ ultrasound system delivers the imaging capability of a fully-fledged console in a handy ultrasound system. This reliable ultrasound system provides the agility of a laptop unit with capability for attaching to a cart. Versana Active is suitable for a broad range of everyday examinations and easy to carry.

This high-quality yet affordable unit provides GE Healthcare’s excellent quality of ultrasound imaging. It combines design, workflow and features based on extensive research and testing to fulfil the users’ high demands.

Versana Active

A partner you can trust

Count on GE Healthcare for equipment and support to help you reach new levels in ultrasound

Dependable service and support for peace of mind

GE Healthcare delivers flexible, multi-year service coverage to ensure the longest possible service life and high uptime of your Versana Active,  efficient patient throughput and strong return on your ultrasound investment.

  • Expert service engineers, always close by
  • Simple maintenance, troubleshooting and repair
  • InSite™ service technology for fast remote diagnostics*
  • Three-year warranty*

* Warranty and remote diagnostic offers may vary by country or region. Please check with your local GE Healthcare representative.

Decades of GE Healthcare heritage at your service  

Versana Active links you to GE Healthcare’s vast experience in ultrasound. Versana Active is designed with you, your surgery and your patients in mind, to fulfil your high requirements for clinical applications, workflow management and connectivity.

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A complete solution

Advanced applications, educational support, attractive financing

Versana Active is a capable, adaptable ultrasound system. The light, portable ultrasound device makes examinations comfortable for you and your patients, in clinic and/or in the surgery.

Scan at bedsides or in space-constrained rooms with the variety of applications of Versana Active. Perform abdominal, OB/GYN, cardiac, vascular examinations and needle-guidance procedures.

This highly adaptable system lets you add a special transport cart to create a full-featured console system and suit your surgery requirements. Fast boot-up and the convenient standby mode enhance your flexibility when scanning patients in your everyday surgery processes.

Advanced clinical applications and automated tools streamline workflow with Versana Active, and enable fast, high-volume ultrasound examinations.

Comprehensive tools for confident diagnostics

  • Thyroid Productivity Tool: For structure characterisation and TI-RADS assessment
  • Scan Coach: 3D animation, anatomic illustrations and reference images to support finding the correct scan plane
  • Auto-IMT: Automatic measurement of intima-media thickness
  • SonoBiometry: View fetal details with 3D imaging and implement fetal measurements
  • Auto Bladder: Automatic and easy calculation for bladder volumes, including residual urine volume
  • Scan Assistant: Create custom examination protocols and standardised workflow
  • Breast Productivity Tool: Simplify examinations and measure recognised structures
  • Follow-Up-Tool: Easily compare current and prior images
  • Templates: Create custom reports to suit global or regional standards
  • Easily add voice comments regarding examinations

Enhance your diagnostic capability with Versana Active

Advanced functions in one compact system

Versana Active image quality ranks with the best in its class and persists for the life of the system. High spatial and contrast resolution help to clearly visualise anatomical structures and physiological functions, and make confident decisions at the point of care.

Whizz one-touch dynamic image constantly optimises image quality as you scan, even as you move from one organ or region to another. This world-class yet affordable system also provides tried and tested functionalities of high-end GE ultrasound systems.

Sensible B-Flow™ und B-Flow Farbbildgebung

Sensible B-Flow™ and B-Flow color imaging to analyse blood flow, vessel-wall irregularities stenosis, and more.

CrossXBeam™ und SRI-HD

CrossXBeam™ and SRI-HD to clearly define structure borders

Empfindlicher Farbdoppler

Sensitive color Doppler to examine thyroid vasculature and blood flow in vessels

Versana Club

The Versana Club is a network of Versana system users from all around the world, dedicated to clinical excellence in ultrasound diagnostics. As a member, you will be able to benefit from being part of a dynamic community of professionals and have the opportunity to share experiences and practices with your fellow clinicians throughout the region.

The membership and all Club-related benefits are free of charge.

Your personal benefits

  • Invitations to user congresses
  • Access to a reserved member area (lounge) for congresses
  • Personalised mailings and newsletters
  • Special offers for Club members

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Versana Club

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