Venue – Designed for multidisciplinary use in the shock room and in the emergency department

Venue can be used for diverse applications in the point-of-care area. With a battery life of up to 4 hours, the robust premium ultrasound system can be used in many acute situations. It includes automated tools which enable you to quickly get the information you need to make fast decisions when triaging patients in medical shock.

The shock toolkit is composed of automated tools, such as Auto IVC, Auto VTI and Auto B-Lines, that support you in obtaining the information you need, as quickly and uncomplicated as possible, to make timely therapy decisions for shock patients.

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Venue GE Ultraschallgerät Intensivmedizin

Venue – Designed for Point of Care

Shock in its many forms is one of the most frequent causes of death worldwide.¹

Ultrasound can help identify the cause of the shock. However, the guidelines are complex, requiring many manual steps. Venue aids you in simplifying complicated steps.

  • Treatment of shock patients poses particular economic and clinical challenges.²,³
  • Applying those findings to the daily use of ultrasound has been difficult to achieve.
  • GE Healthcare is closing the gap between what is possible and what can be implemented in Point of Care.

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Venue GE Ultraschallgerät Intensivmedizin Patient wird geschallt

Venue – Designed for Point of Care

Simple. Fast. Precise.

  • Seamless flat display. For easy cleaning.
  • You can focus on the patient. Easy and intuitive to use.
  • ECG and TEE functional. 
  • Backed by a multi-year warranty.* Support you can rely on.
  • Big wheels. Small Footprint. Move the Venue where you need it.
  • Convenient button probe. Control the system with programmable buttons on the probe handle. Three-handed procedures become two-handed procedures.
  • Ready to use when you need it. Up to 4 hours of battery power. An easy-to-see count-down timer changes when battery is running low.
  • 19-inch LCD multitouch monitor on height-adjustable articulating swivel arm.See the image across the room, reposition it for procedures.
  • Four probe ports. For a wide variety of examination possibilities.
  • Intelligent cable management. Transducers on Top keep the cables off the ground.
  • Network technology with cutting-edge security standards. You can easily integrate the Venue into your network – by cable or optionally via WLAN.

* May vary by country. Please contact your local GE representative.

Venue – Focusing on the critical patient.

Dyspnea – The Auto B-line tool makes short work of differential diagnosis for the lung. The Auto-VTI tool helps you assess flow through the left ventricular outflow tract.
With automated calculation of the velocity time integral (VTI).  The Auto-IVC tool automatically acquires the diameter of vena cava and automatically calculates the collapsibility index in real time, which makes assessment of the IVC (vena cava inferior) surprisingly simple.

Fast assessment for tough decisions


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