LOGIQ P9 - Make it easy. Make it your own.

Are you looking for a premium-like ultrasound system?

  • Supporting you from triage to comprehensive exams
  • Delivering consistent image quality and advanced solutions
  • Budget-friendly

The new release of the LOGIQ P9 ultrasound system can be the answer

  • Wider portfolio of probes
  • Migration of technologies from premium systems
  • Advanced imaging and visualization tools

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LOGIQ P9 is Personalized. Patient-Centric. Practical.


  • Touch control, to manipulate images on the touch panel
  • My page, personalized user interface easily adapted to multiple users
  • Scan assistant tools, for protocol and exam standardization


  • Excellent image quality with minimal tweaking required
  • Wide selection of specialty probes
  • Advanced imaging and visualization tools, for all care areas


  • Auto assistant tools and a pre-programmable button probe
  • Advanced ergonomics with external battery for offline scanning
  • Strong security support with SonoDefense built on Windows 10

  • A personalized digital user interface allows customization of workflow and settings
  • Diagnostic confidence across a variety of exams enables a patient-centric approach
  • Easily adjustable to your working, the LOGIQ™ P9 is also practical for everyday use

New release opportunities

  • 2D-shear wave elastography on both abdominal and linear probes with released cutoffs chart
  • B-flow™ HD color imaging for increased sensitivity of micro-vessels and slow flow states
  • Volume navigation import, to load and navigate previously acquired CT dataset
  • Smart device** compatibility to capture images and perform remote control with LOGIQ Apps
  • Analytics tools for asset performance management
  • Cloud-based image collection with anonymization

* Comparison with previous GE Ultrasound’s systems
** Compatibility with Android™ devices

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