Vivid E95 - Ultra Edition – The Cardiovascular 4D Ultrasound Machine of the Reference Class

The demand for cardiovascular ultrasound examinations is high, and currently consists of a mixture of routine and follow-up examinations as well as complex cases. The use of advanced treatment techniques requires a lot of additional time and special expertise - which often leads to delays and an increased workload.

We want to maximize your efficiency with our systems and help you to visualize more, to achieve exact measurements more easily, and to minimize errors.

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Use the cSound Imaging Platform.
By using artificial intelligence based on the Edison™ platform from GE Healthcare, we have taken the exceptional processing capacity of our Beamformer cSound™ software to a whole new level.

Maximize your clinical confidence.
Advanced quantification tools help you analyze complex questions. Achieve reproducible results with the advanced functions for quantifying cardiac function and valve anatomy in 2D and 4D.

Vivid E95 Ultra Edition GE Ultrasound Machine

Ultra Performance

The Key is cSound™ 3.0

Our unique Beamformer Platform cSound™ Software forms the basis for all further development. Our development team has implemented numerous new and powerful algorithms that enable us to significantly increase the image quality and also the workflow efficiency once again.

This leaves more time for you and the examination of your patients

9VT-D probe

9VT-D probe

A new compact 4D TEE for the smallest patients.

A small shaft size of 6mm, makes the probe excellent for interventional cardiology with the potential to eliminate the need for general anesthesia. The frequency range and high resolution enable imaging of various cardiac structures.

Vivid E95 - Unique Beamformer Platform Software


Pixel Precision Enables Confident Diagnoses

A new generation of cSound scanners enable extraordinary processing capacity, in which the RF-data from all probe-to-system channels from an entire frame are received and temporarily stored in the Local Big Data Channel Memory, prior to reconstruction of the image. This then allows for the application of a variety of advanced Beamformer algorithms during image reconstruction, including True Confocal, which results in advanced image quality. Superior images empower you to diagnose with complete confidence, even with difficult to scan patients.

Delivering Even the Difficult Scans

Transthoracic Echocardiograms (TTE) may be inconclusive in 10-15% of cases1 due to the increasing number of difficult to scan patients, which leads to costly additional testing and frustration for the patient. This is especially true for patients with lung disease, obesity, or those who are in critical condition. For these patients, traditional hardware-based technology may yield inconclusive exams when supported by a limited set of information

Reduce Time and Cost by Using Less Contrast

An evaluation of the clinical value and resource utilization impact of the system was completed at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York2. The study demonstrated that the utilization of cSound beamforming technology may help reduce the use of contrast agent, which can be avoided in 1 of 5 patients, a relative reduction of 49%.
This reduction in the use of contrast agent can improve workflow efficiency, help save exam time, reduce related cost and potentially the need for additional invasive follow up tests on a patient.

Combine with our Probes for Total Confidence

When cSound Beamformer technology is used together with our ultra-high element density XDclear™ probes (such as the 4Vc-D), the result is exceptional 2D image quality that enables you to quickly and easily acquire diagnostic images with confidence, and typically without contrast.

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4Vc-D Probe with third generation of cSound Beamformer Software.

  • Uncompromising 2D detail and contrast resolution, Color Doppler, TVI, Live AMM, PW-Doppler, CW-Doppler, Triplex Mode, Live Bi-Plan and Live Tri-Plan
  • Single-beat 4D and 4D color with ultrahigh volume rates when the full volume is acquired
  • Excellent ergonomics (weighs 82 grams)
4Vc-D Probe - Four-chamber View - 2D Image Performance
4Vc-D Probe - 4D Transthoracic

6VT-D Probe with Vmax - Maximum volume rates. Maximum image quality.

Thanks to the performance of the Beamformer cSoundTM 3.0 software, we have also succeeded in significantly increasing the performance of our 6VT-D-TEE probe:

  • Ultrahigh volume rates with single-beat acquisition.
  • The single-beat acquisition offers, for example, improved visualization in patients with arrhythmia.
  • Large volumes with an ultrahigh volume rate, coupled with uncompromising image quality.
4Vc-D Probe - 4D Transesophageal

Dual Crop

Dual Crop provides simultaneous view from both the top and bottom of the cropped 4D dataset. It is available directly on touch panel and can be displayed live and on recalled images.

Vivid Ultra Edition

POWERED BY Artificial Intelligence

Shorter examination times. Greater precision.

With algorithms based on artificial intelligence, the Vivid E95 Ultra Edition reduces manual work tasks and helps to improve the efficiency of your workflow through automated processes. With the automated Cardiac-Auto-Doppler and 2D-LV measurements you can accelerate your examinations and achieve maximum reproducibility of examination results.
This leaves more time for you and the examination of your patients.

Ultra fast.
Ultra precise.
Ultra efficient.

AI Auto Measure - Parasternal Long Axis (PLAX)

AI Auto Measure 2D

AI Auto Measure 2D semi-automatically measures the diameter of the left ventricle from the parasternal long axis (PLAX). The artificial intelligence algorithms recognize an end-diastolic and end-systolic image from an acquired parasternal long axis.


AI Auto Measure Spectrum Recognition - automatic Doppler spectrum recognition

AI Auto Measure Spectrum Recognition

AI Auto Measure Spectrum Recognition semi-automatically detects the Doppler spectra of the mitral, tricuspid, pulmonary and aortic valves and determines the most important speed parameters immediately after acquisition of the Doppler derivation.


AI Cardiac Auto Doppler - envelope bypassing the Doppler spectrum

AI Cardiac Auto Doppler

This option, based on AI (Artificial Intelligence), uses an adaptive algorithm that automatically displays the envelope curves and peak values ​​in the Doppler spectrum.


2D Speckle Tracking - global and segmental myocardial function

AFI 3.0 LV with View Recognition

Automated Function Imaging 3.0 is the third generation of the 2D speckle tracking analysis tool for the quantitative assessment of the global and segmental myocardial function, which also recognizes the individual apical incision planes automatically.



Vivid Ultra Edition

POWERED BY Artificial Intelligence

Speckle Tracking / Deformation Imaging

AFI - Automated Function Imaging 3.0

Speckle Tracking - left ventricle - ejection fraction

AFI 3.0 including Ejection Fraction

AFI 3.0 including Ejection Fraction, evaluates and quantifies global and regional wall movements of the LV in a state of rest or AFI stress. In addition to the strain measured values ​​of the LV, the EF also displays.

Speckle Tracking - right ventricle


Automated Function Imaging RV is the 2D speckle tracking analysis tool for the calculation and parametric representation of the longitudinal deformation of the right ventricle.

Speckle Tracking - left atrium


Automated Function Imaging LA is the 2D speckle tracking analysis tool for the calculation and parametric representation of the longitudinal deformation of the left atrium.

Myocardial work - strain with consideration of the arterial blood pressure

Myocardial Work

Myocardial Work calculates Global Longitudinal Strain (AFI) taking arterial blood pressure into account. For example, it can be used to monitor the progress of patients during chemotherapy.

Vivid Ultra Edition

POWERED BY Artificial Intelligence

4D - Visualization & Quantification

4D – Visualization


This is a method that photorealistically visualizes light and shadow effects in the tissue.

HD Color

HD Color 
HD Color doesn't just improve the 4D color Doppler perception on a 2D monitor, but also offers the possibility to visualize low-flow velocity components within the flow volume, with the help of transparency control.


With FlexiLight, a light source can be positioned both in front of and behind the rendered 4D image in order to enable photorealistic illumination with shadows as well as compelling background lighting and transillumination. FlexiLight is available in live and playback mode.

Heart Chamber Quantification

4D Auto LVQ - left ventricle visualization

4D Auto LVQ 
Fully integrated tools visualize the left ventricle and provide reproducible parameters from 4D data sets.

4D Auto LAQ - left atrium visualization

4D Auto LAQ  
Fully integrated tool that creates reproducible information related to the LA volumes and the ejection fraction from 4D data sets.

4D Auto RVQ - right ventricle visualization

4D Auto RVQ 
Fully integrated tools visualize the right ventricle and provide reproducible parameters from 4D data sets.

Heart Valve Quantification

4D Auto MVQ - mitral valve visualization

4D Auto MVQ 
This fully integrated analysis tool supports you in TEE examinations and helps to visualize and quantify the structures of the mitral valve and the mitral valve ring.

4D Auto AVQ - visualization of the aortic outflow tract

4D Auto AVQ 
This fully integrated tool automatically segments and quantifies the aortic outflow tract and helps, among other things, to select the right valve prosthesis for TAVI/TAVR procedures.

FlexiLight4D Auto TVQ - tricuspid valve visualization

4D Auto TVQ  
Fully integrated software for the automated analysis of the tricuspid valve. It enables fast, reproducible and accurate 4D visualization and quantification of the tricuspid valve.

Vivid Ultra Edition

POWERED BY Artificial Intelligence

Interventional Echocardiography

Your partner for complex tasks.

Specially developed tools enable you to optimize intervention planning and thus reduce intervention time accordingly.

This increases the trust of doctors, and team communication is sustainably improved, patient results are optimized and treatment time is shortened.

Mitral valve FlexiLight

4D TEE with Vmax and FlexiLight 
Delivers maximum 4D volume rates recorded in single-beat mode. In the example, the aortic valve at 58 volumes per second and a large volume angle.


Live FlexiSlice
FlexiSlice enables you to derive three desired 2D cutting planes from the 4D volume data set with the push of a button and this live at any point in time during the examination.


Shows the fluoroscopy in real-time as picture-in-picture on your Vivid screen, making communication easier for you in the catheter laboratory or hybrid operating room.

4D Markers - Orientation Guide

4D Markers
Create marking points in 4D and 2D views that are visible in parallel. This facilitates communication during interventions and facilitates orientation in the 4D data set.

CT Fusion - image fusion computed tomography and echocardiography

CT Fusion
CT Fusion is a software function that enables manufacturer-independent CT data sets in DICOM® format to be imported into the system.

This enables a 4D TEE echo and CT data record fusion, which in turn supports precise planning and precise anatomy visualization.

This helps to increase the confidence of the medical team before and during the intervention, to optimize team communication and to shorten treatment time.

Pediatric ultrasound

6Vc-D - 4D-TTE Probe for pediatrics

  • Uncompromising 2D detail and contrast resolution, Color Doppler, TVI, Live Anatomical
    M-Mode, PW-Doppler, CW-Doppler, Triplex Mode, Live Bi-Plan and Live Tri-Plan
  • Single-beat 4D and 4D color with ultrahigh volume rates when the full volume is acquired
  • Excellent ergonomics (weighs 72 grams)
  • A new dimension in the workflow of daily echocardiography
  • Higher bandwidth 2.4-8 MHz
  • Patients from: 500g - 40kg
6Vc-D - Pediatric 4D-TEE Probe

Pediatric ultrasound

The new 6Vc-D Probe enables 2D and 4D examinations of children from a weight of approx. 0.5 kg with ultrahigh volume rates in single-beat mode, particularly helpful when examining high-frequency children's hearts.

The VividTM E95 Ultra Edition offers a wide range of pediatric transducers. For example, 6S-D, 12S-D, C3-10-D (Micro Convex) help you make quick, reliable diagnoses for a wide range of pediatric, neonatal, and young adults.

10T-D Micro-TEE
The Micro Multiplane TEE probe enables you to achieve the highest diagnostic confidence, even under the most complex conditions on the neonatal heart of patients > 2.5 kg.

Integrated z-scores describe in standardized form the deviation of a measured value from the expected mean value in the comparison group.

6Vc-D - HDLive Imaging

6Vc-D Volume Probe - HDliveTM 
Provides high-resolution, realistic 4D images of cardiac structures and movement sequences.

Micro - TEE Probe - 10 T-D

10T-D Micro-TEE Probe 
Supports 2D and Color Flow, M-Mode, PW, CW (including Triplex) and TVI-Mode.

Blood Speckle Imaging - BSI

BSI 2.0 – Blood Speckle Imaging
Quickly understand complex flow patterns by reducing the angle dependency and aliasing problems. The vortex and size of the left ventricular vertebra can be analyzed with BSI and existing parameters of the cardiac analysis can be added.

Ergonomics & Workflow - Modern. Efficient. Familiar.

Vivid E95 Ultra Edition GE Ultrasound Machine
  • 22”ultra-high resolution OLED monitor for excellent contrast display

  • Intuitive 12” high resolution LCD multi-touch screen

  • Electronically extendable, height and windage adjustable keyboard with electronic parking brake

  • Operating system - Windows 10

  • Reduced power consumption with low heat emission and silent fans

  • Easy maneuvering thanks to 4 swivel castors (lockable) and handles at the front and rear

Vivid E95 connectivity

Vivid E95 connectivity

1Kurt M, Shaikh K, Peterson L, et al. Impact on contrast echocardiography on evaluation of ventricular function & clinical management in a large prospective cohort. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2009; 53(9):802-810

2 New Software Beamforming Algorithm is Superior to Standard Hardware-Based Beamformer in Endocardial Border Detection. Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine NY, USA. JB40747XX

3 The Role of AI in Streamlining Echocardiography Quantification White Paper, Kristin McLeod - JB00888XX

4 Based on results of time and motion study conducted by GE “JB49055XX - Cardiac Auto Doppler”; study results indicated time savings related productivity increase up to ~8 on an annual basis for a facility per sonographer

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