LOGIQ V2 – The brilliance of color, the simplicity of GE

Now you can add the color Doppler ultrasound for enhanced patient care with the LOGIQ V2 ultrasound system.

Easy to use color imaging in one portable ultrasound system. The compact LOGIQ V2 includes many advanced imaging technologies from decades of GE experience, including:

  • Coded Harmonic Imaging for high resolution even at deep penetration.
  • Real-time Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD) to reduce noise while enhancing true tissue detail.
  • CrossXBeam to enhance your ability to visualise tissue interfaces and differentiate borders.

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Logiq V2 GE Ultraschallgerät Vollansicht

LOGIQ V2 – A system as versatile as your requirements

Push just a few buttons to be able to improve the examination efficiency

With LOGIQ V2, you get fast and accurate information with few keystrokes.

For example:

  • SonoBiometry – Performs key fetal biometry measurements in seconds
  • Auto IMT – Automates measurement of intima-media thickness for fast carotid examinations
  • Scan Assistant – Puts imaging protocols at your fingertips to help you reduce keystrokes and speed up your examinations
  • Auto Optimization – Optimises B-Mode images to help enhance contrast resolution

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 LOGIQ V2 Laptop GE
Logiq V2 GE bedient Gerät Ultraschallgerät Allgemeine Bildgebung Frau

Reliability that drives productivity

Compact design paired with excellent functionality

With its compact design – yet large LCD display – and standard battery back-up, the LOGIQ V2 fits into small spaces and easily manoeuvres where you need it.

LOGIQ V2 is supported by decades of GE’s experience, strong service and support and a multi-year guarantee offer which includes ultrasound probes and parts.

Logiq V2 GE Ultraschall Allgemeine Bildgebung Display
Logiq P9 GE Ultraschall Allgemeine Bildgebung Vivid Clubkarte

LOGIQ V2 – practically great at everything…

Real-time examination support made easy

The LOGIQ V2 gives you access to real-time guidance to support examination efficiency and accuracy:

  •  Scan Coach – Innovative scan plane reference tool which enables displays for images, animations and schematics during scanning.
  • Onboard help – Interactive access to information regarding settings, operation, connectivity and maintenance.

Easy access to support

Plus, you can become a LOGIQ Club member.
Gain access to tools and resources to help you experience the full power of your LOGIQ ultrasound system.

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LOGIQ V2 – Patient-related imaging

Logiq V2 GE Ultraschall Allgemeine Bildgebung Leberschraegschnitt

Fetal aorta arch

Logiq V2 GE Ultraschall Allgemeine Bildgebung Mammazyste

Cardiac with color

Logiq V2 GE Ultraschall Allgemeine Bildgebung 3D-Abbildung


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