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Colours of Sepsis 2019

  • Start date: 2019-01-29
  • End date: 2019-02-01
  • 4 Days
  • Czech Republic, Ostrava

Main topics:
The colours of sepsis (before known as PG course on sepsis and MODS) is held annually in January in Ostrava, Czech Republic. It is dedicated to the postgraduate education of healthcare practitioners in intensive care medicine. The colours of sepsis is organised by sanopharm CZ in close cooperation with the department of anaesthesiology and intensive care and the department of paediatric intensive care of the University Hospital Ostrava, Czech Republic. The head of the organisational committee is Roman Kula, MD, PhD. Since 2004, the colours of sepsis is organised under the patronage of University Hospital Ostrava and Czech and Slovak forum for sepsis, and since 2005 in co-operation with scientific and medical societies of Czech medical association J. E. Purkyne and Slovak medical association.

Postgraduate lecture:
The top-level lecture presents "State of The Art" of the topic. Should not be limited to lecturer’s own study results or opinions. The lecture takes 15 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of discussion, which is moderated from the chair.

Meet the experts:
Discussion of two experts, changing their opinions with each other and members of the audience as well. It can be supported by a short (5-10 minutes) presentation. This type of activity lays stress on discussion and takes 45 minutes. No moderator is present.

Pro-con discussion:
Both opponents present 10 minutes presentation to support their opinions on the topic. Following general discussion is moderated by the moderator. "Pro-Con Discussion" takes 45 min.

Teaching lecture:
The lecturer is presenting theoretical, but mainly practical aspects of the topic. Presentation is expected to evocate discussion. Case report presentation is advised to be illustrative. "Teaching lecture" takes 45 minutes. No moderator is present.

Basics for intensive care medicine:
Monothematic bloc of 5 – 7 lectures. The lecturers are deeply involved in the pathophysiology and its clinical applications. The lecturer's moderate discussion. One lecture takes 45 minutes.

Panel discussion:
Each participant of the panel is asked by the moderator to present (2-3 minutes) his/her opinion on the topic, followed by a general discussion including members of the audience. Graphic presentation (projection) is not allowed. "Panel discussion" takes 45 minutes. If a previous postgraduate lecture is the topic of the panel discussion, it takes 30 minutes.

Poster section:
Posters are mainly focused on practical results, treatment and care options or interesting case reports on the field of severe sepsis. First authors present their results and opinions by-the-poster at the scheduled time to the commission and the auditor. Posters should be displayed during the whole course time.

Other information:
Online registration will start on October 15th, 2016. Accommodation booking is upon the responsibility of each participant! The Organisers advice to book accommodation as soon as possible to avoid overbooking or other problems. The information about the city and accommodation at Ostrava City Guide.

Z. Molnar (Szeged, Hungary), J.L. Teboul (Paris, France), D. Annane (Paris, France), J. Brandt (Ballerup, Denmark), Ch. Eckmann (Hannover, Germany), J.B. Borges (Uppsala, Sweden), P. Kanizsai (Budapest, Hungary), Anne Kokko (Oulu, Finland), Marko Reinhardt (Dresden, Germany), Jelena Slijepčević (Zagreb, Croatia), Dimitris Jataganzidis (Dresden, Germany), Stephen Playfor (Manchester, Great Britain), Gayathri Subramanian (Manchester, Great Britain)

History of the course:
The colours of sepsis started in 1999 as a postgraduate course on sepsis and MODS. First-year was attended by seventeen participants, and eight physicians from the department of anaesthesiology and intensive care of University Hospital in Ostrava presented here ten lectures. Following the next nineteen years, 11617 registered participants attended the colours of sepsis. Lecturers are usually well known and respected experts in the field of intensive care medicine. Participants from Slovakia attend the colours of sepsis since 2000, and since 2004, also VIP speakers of world intensive care medicine are taking part in this scientific meeting. Since 2002, lectures have been published on DVD-ROM, with soundtrack since 2004.

Future plans:
The 21st Colours of Sepsis will save the appearance of truly postgraduate meeting. The scientific activities will be extended by "pro-con discussion", "meet the experts", "teaching lessons", "panel discussion", "poster section" and "sponsored symposium". Also 16th symposium of paediatric intensive care and 6. postgraduate course for nurses in intensive care are indivisible parts of the colours of sepsis. We are pleased by the fact that intensive care sub-boards of different medical societies will expand their lectures in separated blocks. Also, a broad spectrum of international experts (mainly the ones that have taken part in national sepsis and MODS educational programs) is expected. Ostrava City is a convenient place for our scientific meeting. The date of the 21st colours of sepsis is January 29th – February 1th 2019. SANOPHARM CZ will provide technical support and logistics, traditionally.