ViewPoint 6 - efficient solutions for professional imaging and documentation

ViewPoint 6 and Trium CTG Online* for gynecology

Professional reporting, image management, CTG monitoring, birth documentation - all from a single source

ViewPoint 6 for internal medicine

Professional diagnosis and image management for endoscopy and ultrasound examinations

ViewPoint 6 and EchoPAC Suite** for cardiology

Comprehensive documentation of echocardiographic examinations plus offline image analysis with the EchoPAC™ Suite

ViewPoint 6 for vascular sonography

Fast and flexible documentation of images and findings in vascular sonography with ViewPoint™

*Manufactrued by Trium Analysis Online GmbH, Munich
**EchoPAC Suite is a configuration name of EchoPAC Plug-in

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ViewPoint 6 Overview

Professional documentation

  • Fast, clinic-wide, comprehensive and clear
  • Based on the specifications of leading medical societies and many years of user experience
  • Automatic data transfer
  • Quick Report: archive standardized examination results with a single click to save time
  • Easily adaptable to individual needs and specifications
  • Integrate images, norm curves and sketches into the examination results
  • Switch between input mask and print view of the examination result with one click
  • Various formats: PDF and DICOM export of examination results

All-inclusive image management

  • Transfer of individual images and sequences from ultrasound systems and other DICOM modalities as well as from analog and digital image sources (e.g. endoscopy)
  • Raw data post-processing (EchoPAC Suite for Vivid™ systems and 4D View for Voluson™ and LOGIQ™ systems)
  • Optimization of images (e.g. adjustment of contrast and brightness), annotations and measurements after the examination on the PC workstation
  • Export of anonymized images and annotated recordings (e.g. for lectures and presentations)
  • Easy selection of images for printout of examination results
  • Playback of image sequences
  • Comparison of images from preliminary investigations
  • Elimination of paper printouts

Simple workflows

  • Powerful advanced features make the transfer of information easier with your EMR system

  • Image data archive for clinic PACS

  • Automated transfer of image and measurement data
  • Statistical database analysis with definable queries

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ViewPoint, EchoPAC, Vivid, Voluson and LOGIQ are trademarks of the General Electric Company.