Vivid T8 - Ultra Edition

Achieve better results with smart technology

The Vivid T8 has the established echocardiographic imaging capabilities of the GE Vivid systems as well as exceptional sonography performance in the field of internal medicine. The Vivid T8 is a cost-effective hybrid cardiovascular ultrasound system: stable, reliable, robust, packed with features, yet affordable and easy to use. And with a comprehensive three-year service offering, the Vivid T8 system is designed to increase overall operating value.

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Productivity through AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Artificial intelligence helps you achieve a whole new level of speed and efficiency. For example, you can achieve up to 93%2 time savings in Cardiac Auto Doppler measurement. In addition, the system is characterized by a high reproducibility of the obtained results and gives you diagnostic confidence when you have to make critical decisions.

Vivid T8 Ultra Edition GE Ultrasound Device

Vivid Ultra Edition

POWERED BY Artificial Intelligence

Shorter examination times. Higher precision.

Artificial intelligence algorithms enable the Vivid T8 Ultra Edition to reduce manual steps and help improve the efficiency of your workflow through automated processes. With automated Cardiac Auto-Doppler and 2D-LV measurements, you can speed up your examinations and achieve maximum reproducibility of examination results. This leaves more time for you and for examining your patients.

Ultra Fast.
Ultra Precise.
Ultra Efficient.

AI Cardiac Auto Doppler - envelope bypass Doppler spectrum

AI Cardiac Auto Doppler

This AI (artificial intelligence) based option uses an adaptive algorithm that automatically plots the envelopes and peaks in the Doppler spectrum.


Up to 93%
2D speckle tracking - global and segmental myocardial function.

AFI 3.0 LV with View Recognition

Automated Function Imaging 3.0 is the third generation of the 2D speckle tracking analysis tool for quantitative assessment of global and segmental myocardial function, which additionally detects the individual apical sectional planes automatically.



Vivid T8 - Ultra Edition

Image quality and functionality

Vivid T8, a feature-rich system with established Vivid software, uses a range of advanced quantitative tools to enhance its imaging in the cardiology field.

Tissue Velocity Imaging* – Acquires dynamic myocardial data for quantifiable measurement of left ventricular function.

Vivid T8 GE Ultrasound Cardiology AutoEF 3.0

Auto EF* – Automated assessment of left ventricular ejection fraction using an automated speckle tracking ROI tool.

SmartStress* - Automatically adjust scan parameters to optimize workflows, improve reproducibility, and increase diagnostic confidence.

Tissue Tracking*/Tissue Synchronization Imaging* – Provides additional image quality enhancement for evaluation of asynchronous cardiac wall motion.

Automated Function Imaging* – Evaluates and quantifies left ventricular wall motion at rest and calculates parameters to describe left ventricular myocardial function. Nearly 400 papers have been published on the AFI, whose proven reliability and reproducibility have also been confirmed by GE Healthcare.

Strain/Strain Rate Imaging* – Assists in visual and quantitative detection of myocardial segment dysfunction and may aid in the assessment of regional systolic function in ischemic heart disease.

Reliability was the highest priority in the development of the Vivid T8. The system has been rigorously tested to provide robustness and reliability in very difficult environments.

  • Sturdy construction for durable performance, tested in over 20 hours of intense vibration and shock testing at 1000 impacts with a force of 10 g.
  • Wide thermal range, confirmed in thermal tests at intense heat and cold as well as alternating stress between two temperature extremes.
  • Excellent dust protection with excellent performance even when both fans are clogged with a large amount of dust.
  • Very low error rate even with repeated normal on/off cycles, forced off cycles, and transducer removal and insertion.
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Vivid T8 GE Ultrasound Device Brochure

Vivid T8 - Ultra Edition


The flexible Vivid T8, with its outstanding image quality in the multifunctional range, offers you options that allow you to customize the system to meet the diverse needs of your facility.


Auto IMT* – Automatic borderline detection for intima-media thickness and automatic performance of all required measurements.

B-Flow – Advanced spatial and temporal resolutions to support assessment of blood flow and vessel wall structure without the typical limitations of a Doppler technique.

Virtual Convex* – Extends the field of view when using linear transducers.

Blood flow imaging – Improved visualization of blood flow dynamics using a signal processing algorithm to visualize blood flow data.


LOGIQview* – Increases the field of view for large organs that typically cannot be displayed in a single image.

Probe selection

Versatile selection of transducers

* Option

Vivid T8 - Ultra Edition


Ergonomics & Workflow

Modern. Efficient. Familiar.

Vivid T8 - Ultra Edition
  • 21.5" HD LCD Monitor

  • Largely intuitive control layout with 10.1" multi-touch screen, rotary switches, patient management buttons and mode buttons all grouped around the trackball

  • User interface perfectly customizable to your needs.

  • Operating system - Windows 10

  • Reduced power consumption with low heat dissipation and quiet silent fans

  • Mobile readiness - The Vivid T8 is easy to move thanks to its light weight (60 kg), robust casters and push handles on the front and back.

Vivid T8 - Transducers

Comprehensive selection of transducers*

The Vivid T8 offers a 6S-RS pediatric and adolescent transducer, a 6Tc-RS TEE probe, and a Pedoff probe for cardiac imaging.

In addition, 4C-RS convex transducer, 8C-RS microconvex transducer, E8C-RS intracorporeal probe, and L6-12-RS linear transducer, among others, are available.


Wide range of transducers

Vivid T8 - Service Package

With standard service coverage over 3 years

GE Healthcare is continually developing innovative programs focused on customer needs. To provide you with a complete offer and better service, our new Vivid T8 product includes 3 years service coverage as standard.
This innovative offering is based on the total cost of ownership approach and further includes:

1 year standard warranty

2 additional years of service coverage

  • Corrective maintenance at the site (labor, necessary spare parts).
  • 1 probe per year in the event of a malfunction (TEE probe not included).
  • Remote Service Support1 via InSite RSvP (remote diagnostics, remote system file repair, remote file transfer, console control sharing, remote software download, online software reload, e-PAT (probe assessment tool).

1 The InSite features require a direct high-speed Internet connection and depend on regional availability and speed of the connection.

2 Based on results of time and motion study conducted by GE “JB49055XX - Cardiac Auto Doppler”; study results indicated time savings related productivity increase up to ~8 on an annual basis for a facility per sonographer

3 The Role of AI in Streamlining Echocardiography Quantification White Paper, Kristin McLeod - JB00888XX

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