Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with Versana Premier™

Powerful. Versatile. Productive.
A world-class ultrasound machine designed for peace of mind.

Whether you’re working in an imaging center, general practice clinic, family doctor’s office or hospital, you can count on Versana Premier, the premium system from the Versana family of ultrasound systems, to reliably produce high-quality images day-after-day, patient-after-patient. This system covers a broad range of clinical exams so you can deliver timely and accurate diagnoses and reports to attending and referring physicians and their patients.

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A partner you can trust

A partner you can trust

World-class imaging technology
Comprehensive service and support
Decades of GE heritage at your service

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A complete solution

A complete solution

Versatile and simple to use
Sharpen your skills and stay ahead of the curve
Flexible financing options

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An opportunity for growth

An opportunity for growth

Versana Club: Learn. Network. Share.
Expert support during and after purchase
Customized solutions and a path to grow

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  • Liver with color Doppler Liver with color Doppler*
  • Thyroid with color Doppler Thyroid with color Doppler*
  • Knee with Whizz Easy Style Knee with Whizz Easy Style*
  • Median nerve Median nerve*
  • Fetal profile Fetal profile*
  • Static 3D imaging with V-Live Static 3D imaging with V-Live*
  • Carotid with PW Doppler Carotid with PW Doppler*
  • Dual Screen bladder Dual Screen bladder*
  • Testicle or Small part imaging Testicle or Small part imaging (scrotal)*
*Available on Versana Premier V2.
Versana Premier V2 is not available in all countries.

To learn more about cleaning GE Healthcare ultrasound products, visit these resources:

For specific information, refer to the product user manual or use this link.
For select products, the user manual may be available on board the system.

For more information about cleaning your ultrasound system, visit the GE Healthcare Cleaning Compatibility webpage.
For more information about cleaning and disinfecting your transducers, visit the Ultrasound Transducers webpage.

Watch an informational video from Jeff Hersh, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of GE Healthcare on using ultrasound in a health crisis.


Choose from a wide range of ultrasound
probes for a comprehensive range of exams
and accurate image-guided biopsies.

*Probes availability may differ from country to country.

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Versana Premier

Versana Premier

Versana Premier

*Available on Versana Premier V2.
Versana Premier V2 is not available in all countries.

Versana Premier at a glance

Versana Premier Platinum
  • Large display and flexible monitor*
  • Multi-gesture touch panel*
  • Height-adjustable console*
  • Multiple probe holders
  • Switchable gel warmer*
  • Cable management system
  • Two drawers
  • Front-facing probe connectors for easy access*
  • Storage bin
  • Compact footprint

* May not be available in all regions

Versana Premier features


Incredible images that will allow clinicians to clearly follow baby’s development in detail. Provides exceptional anatomical realism and increased depth perception.

Whizz Label

Whizz Label*
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
enables automated labeling
of right upper quadrant
organs (Right Kidney, Gall
Bladder, and Liver).


3D image rendering and
display provide fast
reconstruction of anatomical
sweeps. 4D adds the
dimension of movement
to a 3D image.

Whizz Easy Style

Whizz Easy Style*
Easily shift between Smooth
Mode and Sharp Mode to view
image features.

Whizz Color Flow

Whizz Color Flow
(Whizz CF)*

Quickly enhance or suppress
the color flow signal when it
is too strong or too weak to
enable a clear diagnosis.

Whizz Dynamic Image Tuning

Whizz Dynamic Image

Simply push a button to
continuously and
automatically optimize an
image even as you move from
one structure to another.

B-Flow and B-Flow Color

B-Flow and B-Flow Color
blood flow for possible
vessel-wall irregularities,
stenosis and more with
Color Doppler and B-Flow™.

Power Dopler

Power Doppler
Evaluate vessel flow
direction without aliasing
using Power Doppler.

Fetal Growth Curves

Fetal Growth Curves
Record fetal growth data and
structure descriptions and
analyze growth trends
using a variety of built-in
growth charts; use Fetal
Growth Curves to easily
compare current and
prior exams to track fetal
development or treatment

Stress Echo
Capture standard pre- and
post-stress cardiac views.

Tissue Doppler
Acquire data in the
background in regular 2D

Needle Recognition

Needle Recognition
Simplify biopsy procedures
with technology that clarifies
the exact position of the
needle point.

Thyroid Productivity
Assess the thyroid while
scanning and add comments
that feed directly into the

Contrast Enhancement

Better visualize organs and
blood vessels within the
abdomen and pelvis.

Scan Assistant

Scan Assistant
Create and set
standardized protocols for
ultrasound sonographers to
eliminate guesswork,
minimize stress and
maximize exam consistency.

Voice Comments

Voice Comments
Connect a microphone,
touch an icon and record
comments that can be played
back during review.

Tissue Velocity Imaging

Calculate and color code the
velocity in tissue.

TVI with Q-Analysis
Use Truscan raw data for
advanced analysis and
quantification of left
ventricular function.

Whizz Bladder

Whizz Bladder
Use the Whizz Bladder
function for optimized image
quality and automated

Breast Productivity Tool

Breast Productivity Tool
Assess breasts while
scanning; describe structure
characteristics like BI-RADS®
in comments that feed
directly into the report. Use
the AutoContour feature to
easily measure structures.

Tricefy Uplink

Tricefy Uplink
Upload images and reports
to the Tricefy™ Cloud**
or network storage (EMR,
PACS) for consultation with
other clinicians or
sharing with patients.


Calculate the volume of
complex structures, using
3D/4D datasets.

SonoBiometry Tool

SonoBiometry Tool
Receive suggested caliper
placements to perform
standardized BPD, HC, AC, FL
and HL fetal measurements.

Breast Care
Systematically scan breasts
to ensure full coverage. Make
assessments step by step.
Compare images in serial
exams to assess quadrants
flagged at risk.

Effective Exam Follow-Up

Effective Exam Follow-Up
Use Follow-Up Tool to
automatically identify the
same ultrasound probe,
preset, depth, gain and
frequency settings as used
in the prior scans. Images
appear side by side for easy

Auto EF

Auto EF
Automatically track
myocardial tissue
deformation and calculate
the left ventricular ejection

Insite Technology

Insite Technology
Systematically scan breasts
to ensure full coverage. Make
assessments step by step.
Compare images in serial
exams to assess quadrants
flagged at risk.

Myocardial Dopler

Myocardial Doppler
Imaging with color overlay on
the tissue image.

Help detect abnormal tissues
by assessing their stiffness in
relation to surrounding tissue.

25-second Reboot Speed

25-Second Reboot Speed*
Save time with 25-Second
Reboot Speed.

Battery Power

Battery Power
Use built-in battery power
to move the system from
room to room without
interrupting your exam.

*Available on Versana Premier V2.
**This service is provided by Trice Imaging, Inc. Requires internet connection and a Tricefy subscription.




Training and Support


My Trainer
Get up to speed fast with this on-board support tool, covering the basics of system setup, configuration, operation, cleaning and maintenance.


Scan Coach
This reference tool provides 3D animated pictures, anatomic illustrations and ultrasound reference images to help you determine the proper scan plane for acquisition.

  • A partner you can trust<

    A partner you can trust

    Decades of GE Healthcare imaging expertise
    GE Healthcare is a globally recognized technology innovator and healthcare partner that designs equipment to meet the needs of physicians, their patients and their practices. This system was engineered with extensive input from ultrasound users, helping ensure it’s easy to use, highly reliable and delivers excellent image quality.

    World-class imaging technology
    Versana Premier ultrasound helps you see clearly and diagnose with confidence. You’ll enjoy imaging technology that’s found on most advanced GE Healthcare ultrasound systems.

    • World-class image quality supported by the VisionBoost* advanced imaging platform 

    • Fast acquisition of 3D/4D images supported by an updated graphics* and processing unit* 

    • Includes Whizz clinical features* that help save time and simplify workflow 

    • Multi-gesture functionality* enabled by a sensitive touchscreen that results in an intuitive, intelligent workflow 

    Comprehensive service and support
    Get flexible, worry-free service for long life, high uptime, and strong return on investment.

    • Expert ultrasound technicians and service engineers are close by

    • Simple maintenance; easy troubleshooting and repair

    • InSite service technology1 for fast remote diagnostics and repairs

    *Available on Versana Premier V2.
    1. Local service offerings may vary according to regions. Please check with your local GE Healthcare representative.
  • A complete solution

    A complete solution

    Intelligent productivity tools
    Multiple exam protocols and applications help you diagnose a wide spectrum of patient conditions. Workflow is streamlined with intuitive automated tools.
    • Continuously and automatically optimize images as you scan with Whizz Dynamic Image Tuning
    • Automated labeling in right upper quadrant with Whizz Label*
    • Make automatic measurements with Auto IMT
    • Customize automated protocols with Scan Assistant
    • Upload images and reports to the Tricefy™ Cloud2 or network storage (EMR, PACS) for consultation or sharing
    Education and support
    Diverse solutions to help you start fast, sharpen your skills, and stay ahead of the curve.
    • My Trainer guides you through ultrasound system operation
    • Scan Coach provides 3D animation, anatomic illustrations and reference images to identify the desired scan plane
    • Local face-to-face ultrasound training and remote application support3 help you expand your capabilities
    Flexible financing options to enhance ROI
    Financing plans including monthly payments4 help you meet your financial goals and grow your practice.

    *Available on Versana Premier V2.
    2. Requires internet connection and a Tricefy subscription.
    3. Local educational offerings may vary from region to region. Please check with your local GE Healthcare representative.
    4. Financing options vary from country to country. Please check with your local GE Healthcare representative.
  • An opportunity for growth

    An opportunity for growth

    Meet your practice’s changing needs
    Versana Premier can scale to suit your practice today and grow with you. Select a basic console and software. Then choose from a variety of optional upgrades as your practice advances.

    Versana Club
    No matter your skill level, you can learn to harness the full power of your Versana Premier system with a membership in the Versana Club. The Versana Club offers resources to help you build your skills, network with others and share your ultrasound knowledge. Membership perks include:

    • Web-based video tutorials and other educational offerings

    • Image-sharing with peers around the world

    • Information on Versana service solutions and products

    • Articles on ultrasound and patient care

    Expert support during and after purchase
    Experience the strength of the GE Healthcare Family when you rely on a fully trained and deeply experienced support team to get in-depth product training or on-site remote or on-site technical, clinical and network support.

Versana Club

The Versana Club is a network of Versana system users from all around the world, dedicated to clinical excellence in ultrasound diagnostics. As a member, you will benefit from being part of a dynamic community of professionals and have the opportunity to share experiences and practices with your fellow clinicians throughout the region.

Membership and all Club-related benefits are free of charge.

Your personal benefits:

  • Invitations to user congresses
  • Access to a reserved member area (lounge) at congresses
  • Personalized mailings and newsletters
  • Special offers for Club members

Become a member today
Versana Club

System images display Versana Premier V2.
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