Voluson SWIFT - This is SIMPLICITY

A radical reimagining of the user experience has resulted in convenient ease-of-use and a significantly reduced learning curve. You will feel like an experienced user on day one because the touchscreen interface is as easy to use as your mobile device. Reduced hard keys shift the focus to the touch monitor which is now your single point of reference. Tap, swipe, and pinch to capture exceptional images, and move from standard 2d views to rendered 3d planes in just a few steps.

  • Simple touchscreen navigation.
  • Intuitive operation.
  • Every interaction has been simplified.
  • Key layout has been optimized.
  • 2d touch controls for sector whip, depth, gain, zoom and more.

A high angle picture of the user console and touchscreen, which emphasizes the reduced amount of hard keys.


You can personalize the Voluson SWIFT to perfectly fit the way you work. No matter what your clinical needs, and no matter how unique your workflow is, you can adapt the system just by clicking and arranging your favorites. Now you can focus on your patients rather than fiddling with distractions.

  • Define every touch and interaction.
  • Personalize the menus, and workflow settings.
  • Customize measurements and annotations.
  • Set up individualized user presets.
  • A single place to interact so the system adapts to you and your preferences.

    Voluson SWIFT - This is EFFICIENCY

    Future-focused design and AI-powered automation makes image acquisition, analysis and reporting a breeze. You asked us to make the experience better and that's exactly what we did. Examination complexity is reduced through easy-to-use automation tools that optimize and enhance your workflow, while still enforcing standards and consistency.

    • Direct 3d printing available.
    • Lightweight and portable (less than 60 kg).
    • Built-in rechargeable battery ensures uninterrupted imaging.
    • Minimal time required to clean and disinfect.
    • Step-by-step guidance is available to help reduce callbacks.
    • Streamlined reporting tools improve efficiencies.
    A front view picture of the Voluson SWIFT touchscreen which shows the extended width as well as the minimized hard keys.

    Voluson SWIFT - These are the Probes

    Extraordinary images captured using advanced probe technology

    From abdominal probes to endovaginal probes, we have a wide variety of light-weight and sleek probes for all your examination needs. Featured probes are shown below:

    GE Healthcare 4C-RS Probe Technology

    C1-5 RS probe

    Abdominal probe for excellent image quality for obstetric exams

    GE Healthcare RAB3-6-RS Probe Technology

    RAB6-RS probe

    Ultra-light volume probe offering excellence in 2D and 3D imaging for obstetrics and gynecology exams

    GE Healthcare IC9B-RS Transvaginal Probe Technology

    IC9B-RS transvaginal probe

    Endovaginal probe for outstanding 2D gynecology and fetal imaging

    GE Healthcare RIC5-9A-RS Probe Technology

    RIC5-9A-RS probe

    Wide band convex volume probe for 1st trimester and gynecological exams

    Voluson SWIFT - This is Everything You Need

    GE Healthcare Uterine Trace Technology

    Uterine Trace 
    Automatically extract the coronal view in three simple steps, making 3d scanning effortless.

    Tricefy of Voluson technology

    Tricefy* enables instant connectivity for easy sharing with colleagues and patients, as well as secure and easy archiving of clips, images, and reports. The Tricefy* Patient app extends functionality to the patient and helps you keep the focus on their new baby.

    GE Healthcare SonoLyst Technology

    A suite of image recognition tools that take Scan Assistant to the next level by harnessing the power of AI to automatically identify fetal anatomy (seen on standard OB views), and thus let you scan quickly and easily.

    GE Healthcare SonoBiometry Technology

    Efficiently eliminate keystrokes using this semi-automated fetal biometry measurement tool. Supports BPD, HC, AC, FL, HL, CM, VP, and Cerebellum.

    GE Healthcare SonoCNS Technology

    Fetal brain assessment gets easier! Powered by Edison-AI, this deep learning technology helps you to properly align and display the recommended views and measurements required for fetal brain assessment.

    GE Healthcare SonoAVC follicle & SonoAVCCantral 2.0 Technology

    SonoAVCTM follicle & SonoAVC antral 2.0 
    Follicle monitoring and antral follicle counting also gets easier with Automated Volume Count (AVC) based Sonography. So now you can automatically calculate the number, dimensions, and volume of hypoechoic structures.

    GE Healthcare HDlive Technology

    HD Live 
    Images display with amazing depth and clarity based on advanced 3d skin illuminating and shadowing techniques.

    GE Healthcare Flow Profiles Technology

    Flow Profiles 
    With just a single key touch, you can optimize color and spectral Doppler by adjusting imaging parameters and selecting the associated calculation package.

    GE Healthcare Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI A) Technology

    Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI A) 
    Enhance contrast resolution with a bone and rendering technique that adjusts slice thickness on 3d and 4d images.

    Voluson SWIFT - This is the Foundation

    Voluson SWIFT

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