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The newest member of the Venue family was designed with your needs in mind. We have created an ultrasound system that not only fits all your needs, it fits into your work space, and into your practise, and gives you an excellent point of care system for evaluating your patient's medical status. Streamlined yet powerful. Small yet efficient. It has all the features you have come to know and love about the Venue Family, and it is built for a wide range of environments:

  • Anesthesia
  • MSK
  • Critical Care
  • Emergency
  • Perioperative
A full-length front view image of the Venue Fit, with the removable screen shown floating to the right.

Venue Fit - Made for You

The Venue Fit is ready when and where you are.

With a small footprint and a slim design, the Venue Fit suits your working environment and enables you to focus on providing a fast and confident diagnosis. And it is built on a strong technological foundation:

  • Windows 10 operating system.
  • Featuring a powerful imaging engine that utilizes cSound technology.
  • Proprietary algorithms synthesize patient data and enable fast assessments and confident decisions
  • A shared underlying platform provides a common user experience and simplifies training protocols.
An image of a physician viewing an ultrasound image on a Venue Fit display, and she has a probe in her hand which she is applying to the arm of a patient who is lying in bed.

Accurate calculations to support clinical confidence.


Touch, pinch, swipe.

  • You get a familiar 14-inch touch screen without buttons or knobs, and the intuitive interface works even if you have gloves on, or if you use a screen cover.
  • Rugged and ready. Bumps, bangs and splashes? No problem. The durable screen can handle it all. Bumpers and multipurpose handles ensure the screen never hits the wall.
  • Going up? Raise and lower the screen with ease using the foot pedal.
  • Easy to Clean. Infection control is enabled with a smooth and seamless surface that is simple to clean.


Completely adaptable

  • Configure the system cart exactly how you want it using the detachable holders and bins. You can even get closer to the bedside by moving the larger bins to the back.
  • Multiple bins. Use upper bins for needles and sterile gel packets. Use the lower bins (movable to the front or the back) for whatever else you might need.
  • Go your own way. The optional kickstand and VESA connector means you can take the system off the cart and put it exactly where you want it to be.
  • Multipurpose handles make it easy to transport, and probe holders support draping.
A full-length side-front view of the Venue Fit, showing the removable screen on the right.

Probes at Hand.

  • You can easily access probes at the top of the screen and always keep cables out of your way, and the high location enables you to protect everything with a sterile cover.
  • Four Ways to Get Attached. Four different locations for attaching probe holders and Gel-cup/barcode readers. Including an upper handle. Holders can connect to the front handle too!



  • It easily goes wherever you go with its small footprint and large casters. At the bedside, or between equipment is no longer an issue.
  • Going down? Raise and lower the screen with ease using the convenient foot pedal. It can even go way down for optimal comfort while seated.


Optional ECG available.

  • Battery providing up to 1 hour of scan time.
  • Battery countdown timer changes color when you are running low on power.
  • Customizable LED battery indicators.

Minimize the Busywork and Focus on your Patients

You have enough to handle with all your patients. Your ultrasound system should not slow you down. So Venue Fit is designed to help you work smarter, with protocol management and easy documentation features that give you a visual overview of the entire exam, thereby minimizing the need for manual typing.

A front view image of a health care worker walking with the Venue Fit, and using the convenient handle to pull it along.

Simplify your workflow.

A screen capture image of the Venue Fit user interface highlighting an eFAST diagram.

eFAST Diagram
Reduce keystrokes by up to 80%. Assess and document patient status, from internal bleeding to pneumothorax, aligned to the eFast protocol.

A screen capture image of a Venue Fit ultrasound, showing a Renal diagram.

Renal Diagram
Simplify documentation and provide easy follow
up for patients with suspected hydronephrosis.
No need to manually type findings, simply tap
the appropriate label that corresponds to
your image.

A screen capture image of a Venue Fit ultrasound, showing an LUSS diagram with anatomical lung segments.

Lung Diagram
A single view diagram of anatomical lung segments with one click image storing. Keeps track of your segmental lung assessment and calculates an overall Lung Ultrasound Score to help you follow patients’ response to therapy.

Made for Anesthesia

From block to periop, the Venue Fit has you covered. Whether you are performing needle guided procedures or perioperative care, we support the spectrum of use with vibrant images, and a suite of proven tools that simplify complicated assessments.

A high-angle image of two anesthetic physicians using the Venue Fit with a patient. One physician has a Venue Fit probe in her hand, and the other has a needle in his hand.

Excellent image quality with probes built for needle procedures.

Experience clear images on a range of patients, from adult to pediatric, with a variety of linear, curved and cardiac probes available to support procedural needs.
L4-20t-RS XDclear™, ultra-wide band probe supports high-frequency imaging of superficial structures while also being able to penetrate deeper anatomy without compromising imaging quality. This lightweight probe features a longer cable so you can easily reach across the bed or patient when performing needle procedures.
With our button probes, you can perform procedures while controlling multiple parameters of the system from the probe without breaking the sterile field. Needle procedures that once required two people can now be done with one.

Two screen capture images of the Venue Fit user interface showing precise blocks which enable deep and shallow needle visualization.
Two screen capture images of the Venue Fit user interface showing precise blocks which enable deep and shallow needle visualization.

Three Layers Deliver Excellent Image Quality
There are a slew of challenges to deal with when it comes to needle visualization, but whether you are at shallow or deep depth, and even with the most challenging body types, you can rest assured that the Venue Fit guides you all the way with great precision.

Made for MSK

The Venue Fit was made for MSK practitioners who need to assess tendons, muscles and joints, and manage patient progress during a course of treatment. Improve patient and practitioner experience by: offering needle technology to assist in guiding injections to the correct location, follow-up functions for progress assessment over time and a full array of high-frequency imaging probes for clear assessment of deep and shallow anatomy.

A behind the shoulder image of a probe and a needle being administered to the left shoulder of a patient by a physician.

A close up image of a Venue Fit probe, highlighting the button on the side of the probe.

Your 3rd hand

Many needle procedures no longer require two people. With our button probes, one person can do it alone, because the new buttons allow you to control multiple parameters of the system from the probe without breaking the sterile field.

An image of the Venue Fit user interface and two ultrasound images, which demonstrate the Follow Up feature.

Quickly and accurately assess patient progress | Follow Up
The Follow Up feature automatically retrieves parameter settings from the previous exam with a patient, including comments and body patterns. Repeat exams on a patient are simplifed and streamlined because the Venue Fit remembers the details for you, so you can focus on consistent and clear conclusions.

An image of a Venue Fit ultrasound showing the Venue View feature.

See the source of pain: See the anatomy you need in one view | Venue View
The Venue View feature builds a panoramic image from individual frames, enabling you to view up to 60cm of anatomy being scanned, including anatomical relationships in one view. This feature is available with all Venue Fit linear probes.

An image of the Venue Fit user interface showing the Simple Screen feature.

Remove the clutter | Simple Screen
The Simple Screen feature means you get to see 18% larger images and only the icons that you choose to see. Precision through simplicity - see only what you want to see.

Made for Neonatal and Paediatrics

The Venue Fit is particularly strong when it comes to pediatric and neonatal patients. Even your smallest patients stay safe since ionizing radiation has been eliminated. And you can feel confident as you provide quick and precise diagnostic scans.

An image of the Venue Fit screen in the bottom-right foreground and a young baby in the upper-left background. The baby has a Venue Fit probe being applied to the side of his chest.

A high angle image of five different Venue Fit probes of various sizes and button configurations.

Big or Small – Our Wide Range of Probes Fit All

From neonates to adult sized patients, the Pediatric Probes and various accessories have all your needs covered, including Pediatric ECG.

The 12S-RS is for Pediatrics and Neonatal, and it is particularly suited to Infant Cardiac Imaging. The L4-20t-RS has 4 configurable buttons, and it features ultra-wide bandwidth and high frequency (up to 20 MHz). Center Line Marks simplify needle procedures.

An image of a Venue Fit ultrasound showing the LUSS Lung diagram.

Simplify your Workflow | LUSS and Lung Tool
The LUSS Lung Diagram is particularly useful for pediatric care because it visually represents lung segments and automatically determines the Lung Ultrasound Score (LUSS) based on parameters that you input.

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Running your practise and taking care of your patients can be complex. So your equipment needs to be simple, fast, and precise. At the point of care, you need an ultrasound system that suits you and the Venue Fit is exactly that. Small and streamlined, yet efficient and powerful, the Venue Fit is designed for your needs and it adapts to your challenges. Find out more by downloading our brochure and learn about:

  • The newest member of the Venue family – the Venue Fit.
  • See how it is Made for Reliability with Training solutions and Proactive monitoring.
  • See how it is Made for Security with SonoDefense – our multi-layer strategic approach to cybersecurity.
  • Detailed information about all of our Probes.

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