LOGIQ™e Ultrasound System – Excellent image quality

See clearly. See quickly. Guide precisely.
Those were the values users requested that drove the creation of the NextGen LOGIQ e. Its imaging engine comes from GE’s flagship console systems, delivering crisp images in a compact package.
Point of care specific software and transducers help to see the needle to administer a block or perform an aspiration quickly, even in the obese patient.
The system includes innovative features that help simplify point of care procedures and enhanced cybersecurity measures from the Windows® 10 operating platform

  • Simple
    The LOGIQ e’s specialized software and transducers help you keep up with treatment advances and simplify interventions. Terrific right-out-of-the-box imaging – optimized for Point of Care – makes the technology transparent so that you can focus on the patient.
  • Fast
    Whether you’re measuring seconds for clinical reasons, or you’re measuring productivity for business reasons, the LOGIQ e was built to help make you fast. The highly portable system easily moves from patient to patient.
  • Precise
    Diagnostic or guidance, image quality matters. Crisp imaging is at the core of the LOGIQ e.
  • It's durable and compact for easy portability yet features a large, user-friendly, high-res color display.

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NextGen LOGIQ e is a configuration of LOGIQ e

LOGIQ e GE Ultrasound System

LOGIQ™e – More capabilities in the application areas

General Imaging Anesthesia
General imaging musculoskeletal system
General Imaging Emergency Medicine
General Imaging Rheumatology
 General imaging head and neck

Benefit from the capabilities and new features of LOGIQ™e

See clearly. See quickly. Guide precisely. 

Acute intervention. Chronic patient management. Needle Guidance. Action-oriented patient care. When physicians who use ultrasound at the point of care met with GE scientists, they asked for a system designed for immediate-action workflow, bright-room operation, and precise guidance… throughout the facility.

Innovative software and special ultrasound probes, made for...

...anesthesiology. LOGIQ e helps you to see the needle during the procedure and administer a block, even in a brightly lit room.

...head and neck examinations. LOGIQ e helps you perform time-sensitive biopsies and lymph node characterisation procedures without complexity.

...musculoskeletal examinations. LOGIQ e helps you see the source of pain, guide treatments and monitor patient’s progress.

...point of care area. LOGIQ e helps you to see the needle to administer a block or perform an aspiration quickly, even in an obese patient. When productivity matters, you can control LOGIQ e directly from the ultrasound probe.

...rheumatology. LOGIQ e helps you bring objectivity to patient evaluation, enabling you to monitor progress in a technically consistent way as you treat to the target of remission.

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